People Shocked After Learning Sean Paul Doesn't Actually Say Sean Da Paul In Any Of His Songs

By Harsh Rana in Showbiz On 10th July 2024

Have you ever wondered what a Sean Paul song would be without his iconic intro?

I don't even need to tell you - you already know it by heart.

We’ve all heard Paul’s raps, and many of us have probably tried to perform them during karaoke sessions.

But, have you noticed that in the intro to his songs, he always says ‘Sean da Paul’, right? Actually, no.

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Unlike Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled, and other famous artists who mention their names in their songs, Paul doesn’t actually sing or rap his name.

That trademark introduction, which he delivers so quickly that it's almost impossible to understand, is actually a reference to cricket.

Legendary rapper revealed what he actually says at the start of his songs. Araya Doheny/Getty Images for Revolve

I’m guessing Paul is a big fan of cricket, a sport famously known as ‘a gentlemen's game’.

Now, I’m not saying Mr. Paul isn’t a gentleman. 

I’m just pointing out that this traditional game was created in the 16th century and was played by the upper class.

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Back then, rapping wouldn’t have typically fallen into that category.

While Sean Paul certainly connects with the modern audience, where does this cricket connection come from?

Well, surprisingly enough, there is one. So, what is Sean da Paul actually saying?

During an interview with Vice, the 51-year-old revealed the true meaning behind the tagline we hear in his greatest songs like ‘Temperature’, ‘Like Glue’, and ‘Get Down’.

It isn’t what we think we're hearing.

Explaining what he says to the Vice in 2022, more than two decades after releasing his first album, he said: 

After you've read this article, next time he gets you to sing in the crowd you WILL know the lyrics. Astrida Valigorsky/WireImage

"There was a famous cricketer in Trinidad, Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Everybody was like, 'Chanderpaul,' and yo, that name stuck.

"And then I just started to say it at shows and met the dude Chanderpaul years later, and he's like, 'Yo!'.

"But yeah, big up to Shivnarine Chanderpaul."

So, there you go, a bit of music trivia for you. This is definitely something that could come up in a music round of a pub quiz, and if it does, then you’re welcome.

This revelation is something that some fans have started to catch on to.

One social media user wrote on X that he always thought the singer was giving a ‘weird tribute’ to Chanderpaul - a theory which was readily dismissed by others until he found this very interview.

So, the next time you attempt karaoke, at least you can get the introduction to the song right.

Then you can start babbling and saying the odd word at the end of each verse, just like Sean Paul!