Perfectly Timed Cheerleader Moments

Posted by Editorial Staff in Sports On 19th January 2017

Cheerleaders make sports so much more fun! They shout, twist, and flip to the delight of the roaring crowds. Whether forming a human pyramid or just shaking their pom-poms, cheerleaders bring a whole new level of joy to sports fans around the world. But, sometimes they have a mishap or two while the cameras are rolling.

Who hasn’t been to a sporting event and been inspired to cheer all the louder? Indoors or out, through the heat and cold, these women are just as tough as the players they cheer on.


#1 Who hasn’t been to a sporting event and been inspired to cheer all the louder?

Indoors or out, through the heat and cold, these women are just as tough as the players they cheer on.

Cheerleading has come a long way in the last decades. From bobby-socks and maybe a hearty ‘go team!’ to the sophisticated choreography and stunning aerial moves we see on the courts and fields today, cheerleaders are definitely making major advances in the sport. Who knows what the future will hold!


#2 These Cheerleaders are about to bring the the crowd to their feet! Are those women twins?!?!

They’ve got those signature uniforms and crowd-favorite routines that have kept their fans roaring and their team scoring!

Check out this incredible gallery of cheerleader moments that will stun you!


#3 Strike a pose!

These young ladies are pretty talented! It takes plenty of practice to get tho this level of competition. The best part is they’re having fun! Just look at those smiles. They’re totally in their own element and could care less what anyone thinks and good for them!

These athletes know that a big part of cheerleading is putting on a show for the crowds! They’ve got the look and the bodies to definitely draw some attention!

Sure, they have to look good, but the majority of cheerleading is based on athletic ability. Not only are these girls stunning, they’re also some of the best dancers and athletes out there! Their aerial and floor routines set the standard for modern cheerleading.

It’s a good thing they keep themselves so fit and flexible! The sport of cheerleading is fraught with injuries and accidents. A fit and athletic body helps these amazing girls prevent serious injury. Let’s wish all the cheerleaders out there a healthy and happy cheer career!


#4 Surf’s up!

This girl has got some serious jumping skills! Look at how far she is off the ground. The waves breaking behind her and the sandy beach is a perfect backdrop for this cheerleader win!

It’s hard to describe the effort and dedication it takes to reach the point in cheerleading where these jump poses come off so naturally. You’d be surprised to know that one of the hardest parts of a successful pose jump is maintaining a convincing smile. Here you are, using every muscle you have to launch yourself and hold a midair pose, and you can’t let your face betray just how hard your body is working. Kudos to this young superstar! You just know she’ll go far in this sport!

#5 They’re flying!

When we say ‘perfectly timed cheerelader moments,’ we mean perfect! These athletic women are part of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleading team (as if their outfits didn’t give them away!). Here you can see them nailing a lock-step routine! This is quite a feat, given that there are so many moving parts to a routine like this one. Not only do they have to worry about getting their performance right, they also have to contend with the weather and the roaring crowds.

Cheers ladies for keeping us all so pumped up during our favorite sports!


#6 Taking it to the hole!

Forget cheering the team on, this girl wants to be on the team! Look at that form! More important, look at that smile! You can tell when a smile is real or fake, and this girl is got the biggest real smile that I’ve seen in a long time. Not only is she having a blast, she looks great doing it! I hope the boys are taking notes, cuz she’s putting on a clinic!

It’s very common for cheerleaders to be involved in other sports. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and especially track and field are prime sports that cheerleaders love to compete in also. With athletic talent like this, it’s a good bet that the ladies are outshining their male counterparts!


#7 This move must be new.

I have seen countless cheerleaders and flyers perform the most difficult and odd moves, though I have never seen something quite like this. I wish the cameraman for this shot gave us the entire picture so we could see what was happening underneath her!

Perhaps there was a mad scramble to see who was going to catch her. If we had to guess what was going on with the girl in this photo, I would bet she passed out during her toss! Mid air she must have just knocked out cold! We can only hope she is okay, for we will never really know what was going on I suppose.


#8 There’s Waldo!!

The Minnesota Vikings had some fun one Halloween when they let their cheerleaders skip the traditional uniforms and dress up in a costume for the game. Of course, they didn’t forgo the traditional look of a cheerleading uniform. The short shorts and bare midriff are essential to mobility. The glasses? Well those just complete the costume’s look!

It looks like her squadmates got in on the action also. Is that a Princess Jasmin behind her?


#9 Can you hear me now?

You can do it! Don’t give up!! It takes strength to be a male cheerleader. Just look at the burden they have to bear. This guy’s doing his best, but I think this is an EPIC FAIL in the making!


#10 This frightening photo could be viewed two ways.

Either the girl in the photo is falling upside down, or she’s killing a backflip!!

From the perspective of the photographer it’s difficult to see just how high off the ground she is so it’s impossible to know if she is falling to her death or simply doing a flip! At first glance this photo has all the characteristics of an epic cheerleading fail but if I had to bet, this girl is still alive and flipping today!


#11 It’s all about having fun!

Any good coach will tell you that having fun is an important part of any competition. If you’re not enjoying yourself on the field you won’t be competing at your best. These girls sure seem to be having a lot of fun as they take a behind the scenes pic together. The smiling faces and expressive body language say it all. These girls are right where they want to be!

#12 And … turn!

The ability to nail a synchronized routine is key! These talented ladies have it down to a science! They should though, being that they cheer on one of the biggest stages in the world: the NFL! To some cheerleaders and dancers, the NFL is the ultimate goal. The talent and dedication it takes to make it to the top is monumental. Congrats to all those ladies out there cheering their hearts out in the NFL!


#13 More epic face moments!

This picture offers the viewer three faces to look and laugh at. The girl on the right looks like Jack Nicholson from “The Shining.” That face calls for a lot of unanswerable questions!

The cheerleader in the center looks as if she had just won the lottery or perhaps is angry and wants to fake a smile. The one on the left looks as if she is half dodging a punch from an incoming fist! Any way you slice it this squad is a bit over the top, even in a sport where too much is almost always better!

#14 This young lady looks as if she is high … on life!

Either that or she is about to sneeze in the middle of a lift! I am curious how this stunt turned out though. If all cheerleaders could be this calm and collected during their performances we would have a much more gentle sport on our hands.

Another guess could be that she is looking out into the crowd and saw someone she knew, beginning to smile. Like a half smile while struggling to lift the other girl’s legs!

#15 You would think when someone is bleeding as profusely as this, someone would step in and stop the cheer!

This poor girl was most likely whacked in the face by a shoe or a fist and kept going. I’m sure she was in immense pain and on the verge of tears throughout the rest of this routine!

If this isn’t a testament to her strength and dedication to the team, I don’t know what is! I wonder what her teammates thought? Were they grossed out by all the blood and afraid of her getting too close or were they sympathetic and staring at her the whole time? Most people would be a bit of both!


#16 You know these cheerleaders excited!

It’s difficult to tell what dance move they’re all coming out of or going into but the expressions on their faces prove it was a difficult one! This woman is either relieved at what she has just accomplished, frightened by what’s about to happen, or has never really looked in a mirror while practicing her cheers or dances.

This is an incredible over exaggeration of many people’s perceptions of cheerleaders but most definitely a funny one! Take it easy girlfriend, these pictures aren’t exactly the most flattering photos if you’re trying steal the heart of a Cardinal football player!

#17 This perfectly timed photo is hysterical!

After looking at the whole picture I am still unsure of what exactly is going on, much less what this man and woman are trying to accomplish. My guess would be that she didn’t get high enough on a toss or this man was unable to support her weight.

It looks as if she is trying to do a somersault around his left arm and pushing off of his right hand! More than likely he is trying to save her from falling flat on her face after a move gone wrong. Hopefully everyone ended up okay in the end, cause from the look on his face he seemed baffled!

#18 What on earth!

If there is a picture that is completely baffling it would be this one! I want to say this Cheerleader is coming out of some sort of layout, but where is she coming from? If she were falling wouldn’t she at this point decide to put her hands down to protect her head!

The male cheerleader seemed incredibly confused as well with his hand still up, perhaps he had another move in mind? This picture is almost too frustrating to try and figure out! Maybe he was supposed to try and catch her in the air? We may never know. All that I do know is I hope this girl ended up okay.


#19 This is LOL worthy!

As cheerleaders you are taught to smile for hours on end and act peppy with tons of spirit. I think this gentleman took that a little too far! The face he is making is borderline frightening not so peppy.

There is also the question as to what the girl is doing behind him? What on earth did she just finish doing! This team is definitely excited to be where they are and must really love what they’re doing. I just can’t believe the timing of this photo! It’s as if they all had to pose and make the scariest face imaginable to take this one picture.

#20 Everything in this picture seems normal enough at first glance.

But when you take a closer look the faces these girls are making are so ridiculous! You can only guess what the girl on the right is cringing at, perhaps a wedgie, or something worse!

Or maybe she is dreading the toss that is about to happen. The girl on the left is a whole different story! She has the face I could see on a male cheerleader looking up a girl’s skirt but from a woman you can only guess what is going on in her mind. Perhaps confusion or anticipation about what’s going to happen? We can only laugh and guess at this one.

#21 This poor girl seems to be loving her job a little too much!

The girls behind her don’t seem as enthusiastic. My guess is that she is one of those girls who mouths the words to her music, or perhaps just one to make a different facial expression with every beat of the music, both of which make complete sense.

The timing of this photo is impeccable and I’m sure after this girl saw this she changed the way she cheered real quick! Perhaps lightened up on the over exaggerated expressions? Maybe not such a bad thing to do!


#22 This photo is all about the timing!

These poor girls are probably trying an innocent lift and got stuck with this photo haunting them for years to come. It looks as if these girls are about to try a thigh stand of some kind but seems entirely overly complicated, so I do wonder what exactly they were planning on attempting.

The other way to look at this is far too inappropriate! Like I said this photo was all about the timing and perhaps the angle in which this photo was shot. Hopefully these girls were able to explain just what they were doing when this photo came out!

#23 Of all the photos in this gallery, facial expressions from cheerleaders are among the funniest!

Fortunately for this girl the face isn’t cringe worthy, just a little silly and over dramatic!

She is most definitely getting into the routine and using her face to express the sheer passion and excitement she is feeling. The good thing about this photo as a whole is that the girls are insync with their timing, and one can only guess the girl behind her is expressing just as much of that passion on her face.

#24 This Cheerleader has a combination of awkwardness in this photo!

Judging from the girl behind her, I’m assuming the girls were told to stick out their tongues at this point in the routine. The only issue with that is no one told her that her makeup was done is such a way that the combination of the tongue with a wink just wasn’t working in her favor.

A bit scary! An impressive but none the less shocking aspect of this perfectly timed picture are the incredible and effortless abs this girl has! She definitely worked hard for those suckers!


#25 This photo is absolutely hilarious and whoever caught this was a genius!

Spanx are supposed to be tight so that nothing gets in and nothing gets out, although this Cheerleader may have taken that to mean she could use them as one giant pocket!

One can only guess what that square in her spanks are. An iphone? A can of altoids? Either way that is no place for an item of value, much less any item at all! Aside from the sanitary issue, didn’t this Cheerleader know she would be upside down at some point during the night? Maybe after seeing this photo she stopped putting things down there. After all it’s not like she could reach in there during the game and grab it out!

#26 Cheerleaders are getting hit all the time in football games.

The ball goes wide and some large 200 or 300lbs man comes running at you full speed! Luckily these cheerleaders look prepared, which is more than I can say for the camera man.

It’s as if he wasn’t paying attention and saw this man running at him through his camera lense when it was far too late! And rather than a fail on the part of the cheerleaders, it could be deemed a victory. One could guess that they made it out of that one uninjured since their eyes were clearly fixed on the man running at them.

#27 This could not have been planned!

There’s one girl up in the air, another flipping awkwardly (an obvious failed toss), and a perfectly timed shot of the whole thing! It’s sweet that the girl that is being lifted is kind enough to help lift her and flip her?

It looks as if she is assisting her teammate so that she can successfully land without landing on her head! Talk about teamwork! The faces they were making during all of this however are rather hilarious and offer a bit of comic relief in such a soon to be disaster shot.


#28 Where did she come from?

When a cheerleader is falling it’s usually onto a group of girls or guys beneath her, whether they’re prepared or not. This Cheerleader however has no back up and it’s written all over her face.

Another explanation for her “shock” face is that she just finished a tumbling pass where she got way too much air and ultimately over rotated. There is no easy way to recover from a fall this powerful whether it was a toss gone wrong or a flip gone wrong! Hopefully the landing was a bit more graceful than her face tells us!

#29 Men are not usually flyers in Cheerleading.

So one can only assume this is a tumbling pass gone horribly wrong. This young man could very likely have over rotated on a flip! It could also be just the opposite, and he could have just been in the middle of a flip.

The fact that he’s looking at his feet at this point worries me, although we should just leave it to the professionals. The camera could have just caught him at the perfect moment to leave viewers wondering whether this was an epic fail, or an epic tumbling pass.

#30 In the world of cheerleading I could only assume this would be a wonderful and perfectly timed photo of a toss.

There is a funny aspect to the photo however with the facial expression of the flyer.

Although any flyer being tossed up in the air would most likely be making some sort of face, am I right? It does not seem like an easy skill to attain! As long as she continues to rotate and there are people to catch her, I can see this as being a successful cheerleading venture.


#31 This cheerleader looks downright angry!

That must be her passionate, cheering face or her “I wanna win” face? Aren’t cheerleaders supposed to always look happy and excited? Her excitement seems to have become what some would view as a fierce determination to win.

I wonder if this photo got back to her at some point? Perhaps she was able learn from her mistakes and hopefully not make these same embarrassing faces in future competitions!

#32 This young diva is clearly excited for her cheerleading competition!

Her sassiness may be a bit too much but she definitely is trying to work it! I understand the hype and the over exaggeration with most cheerleaders, although what’s with the big eyes?

When anyone combines an exaggerated facial expression with huge bug eyes, it doesn’t look very inviting! The photographer on this one managed to time it just right to make yet another silly cheerleading photo.

#33 This looks like a failure waiting to happen!

Not only is this cheerleader’s face incredibly funny and borderline frightening but her foot on the right looks as if it’s about to snap! The story on her face tells viewers that something is about to go horribly wrong.

It looks as if she’s about to mouth the “F” word. Either her foot isn’t secure or she’s just extremely excited to get in the air since she seems a bit behind her teammates on the left. This is a picture perfect moment that I hope this girl gets to keep for future memories.


#34 There is nothing incredibly off about this photo except for one of the cheerleaders faces.

The girl on the right just seems a bit too happy that the stunt went perfectly. It could be the momentum and position of the hair on her face but something about this picture is a bit freaky!

And why is the flyer looking off to the side instead of forward or at something relating to the stunt that just happened? Perhaps there was something catching her attention elsewhere?

#35 What is this guy looking at?

This photo is absolutely hilarious, especially since none of the other girls behind him seem to be looking at the same thing!

It looks as if he is looking up the girl on the lefts skirt, or perhaps relieved that they are finished with whatever they were doing! Not only is his face confusing but the positioning of his hands leave something to question as well. Maybe he has a really intense cramp?

#36 I’m not sure how this girl is able to see what she is doing?

Maybe it’s her relief face or her “I can’t believe I just did that face”, but more than likely it’s her, “I can’t see what I’m doing” face!

The cheerleader on the right seems to be enjoying himself as well, coming out of what seems to be a tumbling pass of some kind. Even with the distractions the routine in this photo does not seem to have gone horribly wrong, just another perfectly timed cheerleading photo for the books!


#37 This picture looks like the aftermath of a stunt gone wrong!

The girl falling seems to be staying calm however, even though she’s got hands all over her, one of which is grabbing onto the wrong body part!

She seems to have put a lot of faith into her teammates hands since her arms are still up and she doesn’t seem fazed about what’s going on around her. The unbalanced Cheerleader behind her tells us that not only is there the obvious fail in the front, but there is about to be another one very soon!

#38 Headbanging cheerleaders!

All of the cheerleaders in this photo must have just got done doing a jump of some sort of dance move to all have this serious face. Hair flying everywhere and abs contracted, you know it was a tough one!

You can’t help but also wonder whether long hair in a ponytail during a cheer or dance is entirely safe? Girls must always be getting blinded and most likely whipped by their hair! It also looks as if they also simultaneously bangs their knees together. Rather painful if you ask me.

#39 Talk about a booty bump!

This is a depiction of a classic stunt gone wrong. A good thing about this fail in particular is that the three remaining girls are still trying to catch the girl that is falling, although the poor girl on the bottom clearly got the worst of it!

This flyer must have fallen directly on top of her from being thrown too far sideways by the base on the left. When all’s said and done I’m sure all of the girls in this photo turned out okay in the end.


#40 Check out those cannons!

Most people think of cheerleaders as these pretty, waif-like ladies who are too delicate for the rough stuff. Well, this cheerleader puts that notion to rest. JUst look at those guns! She could be on the field with the team with those arms!

#41 Carry on!

Good thing she’s small enough to travel as carry-on! Sometimes you run out of seat room while traveling with the team.

#42 Gimme a B – A – B – Y!!!

While I’m not sure who these ladies are cheering on, they better do it quick before their water breaks!


#43 Stingers out!

It seems the mascots and the cheerleaders aren’t getting along this season!

Cheerleader down!

I thought cheerleaders were supposed to cheer on the players, not get in the game, lol!