Perfectly Timed Cheerleader Moments

Posted by Editorial Staff in Sports On 19th January 2017

Cheerleaders make sports so much more fun! They shout, twist, and flip to the delight of the roaring crowds. Whether forming a human pyramid or just shaking their pom-poms, cheerleaders bring a whole new level of joy to sports fans around the world. But, sometimes they have a mishap or two while the cameras are rolling.

Who hasn’t been to a sporting event and been inspired to cheer all the louder? Indoors or out, through the heat and cold, these women are just as tough as the players they cheer on.


#1 Who hasn’t been to a sporting event and been inspired to cheer all the louder?

Indoors or out, through the heat and cold, these women are just as tough as the players they cheer on.

Cheerleading has come a long way in the last decades. From bobby-socks and maybe a hearty ‘go team!’ to the sophisticated choreography and stunning aerial moves we see on the courts and fields today, cheerleaders are definitely making major advances in the sport. Who knows what the future will hold!


#2 These Cheerleaders are about to bring the the crowd to their feet! Are those women twins?!?!

They’ve got those signature uniforms and crowd-favorite routines that have kept their fans roaring and their team scoring!

Check out this incredible gallery of cheerleader moments that will stun you!


#3 Strike a pose!

These young ladies are pretty talented! It takes plenty of practice to get tho this level of competition. The best part is they’re having fun! Just look at those smiles. They’re totally in their own element and could care less what anyone thinks and good for them!

These athletes know that a big part of cheerleading is putting on a show for the crowds! They’ve got the look and the bodies to definitely draw some attention!

Sure, they have to look good, but the majority of cheerleading is based on athletic ability. Not only are these girls stunning, they’re also some of the best dancers and athletes out there! Their aerial and floor routines set the standard for modern cheerleading.

It’s a good thing they keep themselves so fit and flexible! The sport of cheerleading is fraught with injuries and accidents. A fit and athletic body helps these amazing girls prevent serious injury. Let’s wish all the cheerleaders out there a healthy and happy cheer career!

#4 Surf’s up!

This girl has got some serious jumping skills! Look at how far she is off the ground. The waves breaking behind her and the sandy beach is a perfect backdrop for this cheerleader win!

It’s hard to describe the effort and dedication it takes to reach the point in cheerleading where these jump poses come off so naturally. You’d be surprised to know that one of the hardest parts of a successful pose jump is maintaining a convincing smile. Here you are, using every muscle you have to launch yourself and hold a midair pose, and you can’t let your face betray just how hard your body is working. Kudos to this young superstar! You just know she’ll go far in this sport!


#5 They’re flying!

When we say ‘perfectly timed cheerelader moments,’ we mean perfect! These athletic women are part of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleading team (as if their outfits didn’t give them away!). Here you can see them nailing a lock-step routine! This is quite a feat, given that there are so many moving parts to a routine like this one. Not only do they have to worry about getting their performance right, they also have to contend with the weather and the roaring crowds.

Cheers ladies for keeping us all so pumped up during our favorite sports!

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