Pharmaceutical Ceo To Lower Drug Price After Entire World Confirms He's A Disgraceful Human Being.

By Michael Avery in News On 23rd September 2015


Turing CEO Martin Shkreli has agreed to lower the price of Daraprim after every news outlet, citizen, and even Hillary Clinton vilified him following a 5000% price hike on the drug. When everyone calls you an evil douchebag and you respond by tweeting Wu-Tang and Eminem lyrics, people are going to continue to call you a douchebag. It also doesn't help when you come from a hedge fund background and try to defend astronomically raising the price of a trusted drug used by AIDS and cancer patients. Humanity tends to side with the ill and vulnerable over an anthropomorphic weasel in a suit jacket.


His Twitter account is now set to private, presumably because once you receive over one million Twitter notifications your phone starts shaking and smoking. Let's call this incident an appropriate victory for internet vigilantism.

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