Photographer Captures Amazing Images Of Conjoined Twins Before And After Surgery

By Suzanne in Amazing On 9th October 2015

#1 The Twins Before Surgery

Maria Clara and Maria Eduarda Oliveira Santana are twins from Salvador, Brazil, who until recently were conjoined. Before they underwent separation surgery, Brazilian photographer Mateus André photographed the twins and their family. "I met them by chance, when my wife and I were spending some days in Goiânia," André told the Huffington Post. "We were walking in the city, and I saw a story on TV asking for donations." Inspired to help, André visited the family at the Casa do Interior de Goiás, where they were awaiting the then 3-month-old girls' surgery.

#2 The Family Before Surgery

Parents Denise Borges Oliveira and Caique Santana Ramos dos Santos, both 20, hold their girls a few weeks before the surgery. "The girls' condition is not easy, the place is poor, and they need and will need many donations," André told the Huffington Post in August. Despite the challenges before them, André said the parents "really believe in a better future."

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#3 Loving Sisters

Conjoined twins happen in one out of every 200,000 live births, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. These young girls shared an abdomen and liver, making the separation surgery a risky one.

#4 After Surgery

Maria Clara (pictured, top) and Maria Eduarda underwent a successful separation surgery on Sept. 9 at the Hospital Materno Infantil in Goiânia, Brazil. André returned to take "after" pictures of the five-month-old girls on Sept. 23. The surgery took six hours and included no complications.

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#5 Separated, But Still Connected

In the after photos, André said he wanted to capture the bond that still exists between the sisters. "I travelled 260km by public transport in unbearable heat to meet the girls and their family again and the encounter was amazing," he told the Daily Mail. "I saw those pretty girls who are now separated in body but the symbolic union prevails; they are sisters and human beings, generated in the same belly."

#6 Post-Op Care

The twins will remain at the hospital until they are both fully recovered. Here, dad helps prepare Maria Clara for an x-ray.

#7 Beautiful Girl

Maria Eduarda lays on her side, sucking her fingers. André tells Yahoo Parenting he wants to publish a book of his photos and also hold an exhibition. "I have a dream to photograph [Canadian conjoined twins] Tatiana and Krista Hogan because they were one of my sources of inspiration," he says.

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#8 ‘A Testament of Hope’

André told the Huffington Post that shooting the post-surgery photos "was a testament of hope." He said he hopes to take more photos of them in the future. "I intend to one day have a reunion when they are larger, and show them the pictures and say, ‘I photographed you, I introduced you to the world!'"