Photographer Captures Glorious Iceberg That Has Left Social Media Users In Stitches

By Abdul Rafay in Entertainment On 3rd December 2023
Ken Pretty/Facebook

Renowned Canadian drone photographer Ken Pretty recently delighted social media users with his captivating snapshots of an iceberg. 

Now, what's so amusing about an iceberg, you ask? Well, just brace yourself until you lay eyes on the photographs.


As per, these images, captured off the coast of Newfoundland, portray an iceberg that humorously resembles a particular male anatomical feature.

Pretty told CBC News that he took these pictures at Harbour Grace back in April. 

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Ken Pretty/Facebook

Pretty is a resident of the appropriately called town of Dildo (no, I'm not making that up).

He dubbed the iceberg the "dickie berg" as soon as he realized it would go viral. 


The images have subsequently been posted on Facebook more than 6,000 times, just as he predicted.

"I guess I will get a few comments on this one," Pretty said when captioning one of the pictures. Comments regarding the iceberg's unusual shape have been posted by users, and their responses have been just as vibrant and funny as the images themselves.

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One Facebook user commented, "Judging by the photo, it can't be too cold out," while another quipped, "New definition of blue balls."

Continuing with the humorous insights were remarks such as, "Tourism should rise now," and "Now if that ain’t the tip of the iceberg I don’t know what is."

Despite the humorous responses, Pretty pointed out that his subject is fleeting because the iceberg is melting swiftly.

This is an indication of a more widespread occurrence in the area. 


Approximately 200 icebergs were detected off the coast of Newfoundland at the time the pictures were shot, and there were many more close to Labrador, according to CBC.

A Facebook community for iceberg fans is managed by Diane Davis, who told CBC: "Onshore winds brought in both the pack ice and the bergs. If the trend holds up, we should see them for May and June, too."

Mother Nature only produced a few icebergs the previous year, she pointed out, making this year's display all the more remarkable.

In fact, Ken began selling prints of the images to passionate admirers when they gained so much popularity; these pictures are currently offered on t-shirts and mugs! 


There's no greater way to express your affection for Mother Nature than this.

Ken Pretty's widely shared photos serve as a reminder that social media isn't just about negative things. 


A small dose of lightheartedness can be a refreshing diversion in a world where serious news frequently overwhelms us.

The "dickie berg" has made many people laugh and grin because of Pretty's sense of humor and good eye.