Physically Challenged 8-Year-Old Climbs Every Mountain To Complete Triathlon!

By Sughra Hafeez in Feel Good On 3rd October 2015

#1 Bailey Matthews

This kid is not just another normal kid like we were. We played hide & seek in our childhood and kids these days are busy with their video games. Bailey, however, chose to prepare himself for something far better.

#2 Sprint Triathlon!

Last week in Doncaster, England, Bailey completed his first ever triathlon, the 5.6 kilometer Castle Howard Triathlon, in lesser than 90 mins. The race constitutes a 100-metre swim, a 4000-metre bike ride, and a 1300-metre run! Still, something more shocking is waiting your way.

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#3 Cerebral Palsy sufferer!

Yes, you heard it right. Something that is already close to impossible for a kid to complete is completed by a sufferer of cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy causes everything that is well enough to stop you from running. It causes problem with muscle tone, movement and balancing.

#4 He needed a walker to let himself balanced!

He knew all that was to be known and decided to go for a triathlon. So we all want to know what was the reason behind his neck-breaking decision.

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#5 Castle Howard Triathlon!

Bailey used to see his father and uncle preparing for triathlons. He used to be in awe with the beauty and challenge that the sport provided. He started begging his father to let him participate and finally his father gave up to Bailey's desperation for the sport.

#6 A painful triathlon distance completed so well!

People were all chanting his name throughout the race. His father who encouraged him throughout the race was having tears in his eyes when he saw his little champion running towards him after bagging the medal of honour. Bailey even threw away his walker as he reached the end of the race and completed the race falling and standing back. He taught a very important life lesson by this brave gesture. Bailey's story proved so much that I can never be able to write it all in words. We look for fat contracts, glamor and controversies to generate our interest in sports, but very often we forget the courage and hard work which an athlete of his kind goes through in his initial days.