Physicists Say Energy Can Be Teleported ‘Without A Limit Of Distance’

By Michael Avery in Amazing On 13th October 2015


A way to actually teleport energy long distance?

Yep, it could be possible according to physicists who believe that by taking advantage of the quantum phenomenon, where two particles are sharing the same existence, this in turn could lead to a teleportation reality!


While still in theory, the latest edition of Physical Review has the Tohoku University researchers describe the potential. By exploiting the properties of squeezed light or vacuum states, this could allow for teleportation of information about an energy state and then this teleported quantum energy could be made usable.

While most people associate teleportation with the Star Ship Enterprise, this style of transport involves entanglement experiments where two entangled particles join, even though they have no apparent connection between them. Then when a change happens to one, the same happens to the other particle and this is the teleportation effect. There have been experiments with light and matter and now they are experimenting with energy!

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The lead researcher, Masahiro Hotta, says that a measurement on the first particle will inject quantum energy into the system, and then carefully choosing measurements on the second, you can extract the original energy.

Extremely interesting and it will be even more exciting once further research is done and they are hopefully able to prove their theory successful!