Plus-Sized Woman Says She Sometimes Cannot Go To The Bathroom On Planes Because The Aisles Are Too Narrow

By Abdul Rafay in Travel On 23rd May 2023

The aisles on airplanes, according to a plus-sized lady, are sometimes too narrow for her to access the bathroom.

Bo Berry, a TikToker, opened up to her fans about the challenges she encounters on flights and how she gets over the "number one road block" she encounters when traveling as a plus-sized woman.

She uploaded a video showing herself walking down the aisle of a United Airlines flight, having to turn sideways to get past the rows of seats.

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Bo used TikTok to discuss the difficulties she has when flying with her 295.2k followers.


The video's caption read: "Flying while fat - Lavatory edition."

The TikToker said as he began to explain: "So, this is an awkward topic but we're going to go ahead and get awkward and talk about it."

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"Forget the difficulty of having to get two seats to fly - accessibility to a bathroom is the number one roadblock for me when it comes to long-distance travel."

Bo continued by stating that whereas "wide-body aircrafts" have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, "narrow-bodies" "do not make the same requirements."


Such toilets, according to her, are "also large enough for a big person to use."

"So, if I'm flying on a narrow-body plane, I can't use the bathroom and my maximum flight time is about six hours," the TikToker continued.

She added: "I've never had a problem with that before except once I came super close to having an accident on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago.

"There was some bad weather and my plane was rerouted - it tacked on an extra two hours to the flight and things got a little sketch."

Since then, the video has received over 2.3 million views on the platform, with countless numbers of users eager to comment on Bo's situation.

One TikTok user penned: "I have had this issue as well. I got sick and tired of the embarrassment and self-hatred."


A second posted: "As a wheelchair user who works at an advocacy organization, improving airplane accessibility for all people is one of my top priorities."

"Thank you so much for sharing!" praised a third, "I often get so much anxiety about getting past people in the aisle seats because I’m so wide no matter which way I turn."

Another wrote: "WOW I never thought about wheelchair accessibility on a domestic/small flight. That is so sad."

A final TikTok user added: "I hadn't even thought about wheelchairs. They really need to fix this."