Popular Baby Names That Parents Loved In The 1970s

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in History

If you were raised in the 70s chances are some of these names will be familiar to you. It really is so interesting to see how names come and go over the decades. Let's see if any of your favorites are making a comeback.


#1 Kevin

The name Kevin, meaning "handsome", became popular after St. Kevin back in the 7th century.


#2 Angela

Angela, obviously short for "Angel", was a top ten girl name starting in the mid 60s and throughout the 70s.


#3 Lisa

The name Lisa, meaning "Pledged to God", became popular after Elvis named his daughter Lisa Marie.


#4 Jason

Jason, meaning "to heal", was ranked at number three for the entire decade but has been modified to trendier names like Mason or Jaxon.

#5 Tammy

Tammy, short for Tamara, got popular because of Debbie Reynolds and her Tammy films from the 50s


#6 Larry

Larry, short for Lawrence, likely got popular because of Larry Wilcox who played Jon Baker on the hit television show CHIPS


#7 Travis

Travis, which means "Tollgate keeper", started to appeal to parents after the 1976 premier of the movie Taxi Driver.


#8 Dennis

The name Dennis, of course, became popular after Dennis the Menace went off the air alongside with the rise in fame of Dennis Hopper.


#9 Lori

Lori is a cute spin off of the name Laura meaning "bay Laurel" We know this name to be popular from the 70s as it was one of the characters from That 70s Show namesake.


#10 Deborah

Deborah, meaning "Bee", might have been inspired by the lead singer of Blondie, Deborah Harry after the release of their hit song, "Heart of Glass."


#11 Keith

This name, meaning "wood", became incredibly popular after the passing of the drummer, Keith Moon, from The Who.

#12 Gina

Gina, short for Regina, means "queen."


#13 Dawn

Dawn is a short name with a big meaning, "The first showing of light in the sky right before sunrise." The popular group, Tony Orlando and Dawn, helped keep this name popular through the 70s.

#14 Christine

Christine, simply meaning "Anointed", definitely became popular because of Fleetwood Mac's founder, Christine McVie and held strong into the 80s after Stephen King named a novel about a haunted car, Christine.