Popular Beauty Trends From Around The World

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Fashion On 2nd November 2017

Fashion trends emerge out of the most unusual of places, sometimes resulting in some pretty off-beat clothing decisions. Here we examine some of the more eyebrow-raising trends of recent years.


#1 The Facekini - China

Forget sunscreen, the ‘facekini’ - which looks like it’s been inspired by a psycho mask from a horror movie, ‘bank robber chic’ and Pussy Riot - is used largely by women in China to protect them from sunburn on the beach and to maintain a pale complexion, which is highly prized there.

Invented by former accountant Zhang Shifan, facekini’s began appearing in 2004. They come in a variety of colors and creepy designs.


#2 Post-Hipster Beards! – Hipsterland

As anyone with eyes will tell you, beards have become a mainstay of everyday life. If the hipster subculture birthed a defining look, it’s now just part of the furniture. In 2016, Men are more confident about trying out different styles to stand out from the tattooed crowd.

The latest in hipsterland is about – believe it or not – beard transplantations. Plastic surgeons in New York are making a fortune from the trend because hipsters are ready to pay $8,500 for a transplant. “Whether you are talking about a hipster from Brooklyn or an advertising guy, facial hair is absolutely the look,” New York-based plastic surgeon Jeffrey Epstein says. We would say that too if clients were ready to pay a small fortune for something that also grows naturally and at no cost.

And facial hair as The Look? Been there, done that. Get a life, okay?


#3 Scorpion Nails – Mexico

Women in Mexico have lately been applying scorpions to their nails as decoration to liven up their manicures.

According to PopSugar, the idea for scorpion nail art originated with Durango, Mexico–based scorpion fanatic Lupita Garcia. She concocted the crazy plan with her friend Rocío Vidales, who happened to own a nail salon.

The scorpions are applied with tweezers to the nail and then coated with a thick acrylic paste.

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