Practical Household Uses For Toilet Paper Rolls

By Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 15th October 2015


When you think of all those rolls you've thrown out throughout the years, well it really adds up! Isn't there some other uses for these? It may be odd thinking of using toilet paper rolls as part of a creative practical use item, but they actually are perfect for such. Check these out:

#1 Paper napkin rings

These adorable rolls are extremely easy to put together. Simply start by painting the roll with acrylic paint (in this case red), using glitter tape to place over it once dry, and then gluing a heart embellishment on the top. The heart can be made using a hole punch. They're perfect for parties!

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#3 Seed starter

These make excellent seed starters because the cardboard can break down over time to allow your plant to grow and flourish.

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#4 Desk organizer

Spray paint over multiple toilet paper rolls and attach each roll to a cardboard piece in order to create a simple stationary organizer.

#5 Yarn organizer

Keep yarn in one place and untangled by wrapping it around a roll.

#6 Bird feeder

Coat a roll with peanut butter using a knife and then roll it around in bird seeds until fully coated.

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