Pregnant Mom Gets Routine Ultrasound, Almost Passes Out When Nurse Tells Her, Her Pregnancy Is 1 In 15 Million

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 20th February 2018

The Webb family were in for a big surprise when they got their routine checkup. Thankfully the surprise was a good one, the happy couple were told that they are expecting not only one but four baby girls.

#1 Webb Family Was In For A Big Surprise

Parenthood is the most beautiful feeling in the world, especially for young parents who are embracing it for the first time. Newlyweds Bethani and Tim Webb from Alberta were excited about their pregnancy and were preparing to welcome the little one into the world. But the parents got the shock of a lifetime when the young couple went to the doctor for their routine checkup.


#2 The Couple Were Expecting Four Babies At Once

During their ultrasound, the nurse informed the couple that they were expecting not only one but four babies, the nurse estimated the chances of conceiving naturally is only one in fifteen million. Everyone in the hospital was shocked after seeing the ultrasound. The happy couple was informed that they will be raising not only one but four identical baby girls.

#3 Nurse Informed Them That Their Pregnancy Was 1 In 15 Million

Bethani said, "It was completely and totally natural. It was very spontaneous. She turned the screen and she started counting babies and she counted baby one, baby two, baby three and baby four."


#4 Hearing The News Tim Almost Fainted

Recalling the moment, Bethani says her husband almost fainted after hearing the news, "I’m definitely glad I was laying down because I could not believe that there were four there. I thought there had to be some kind of mistake… (my husband) almost fainted. He had to sit down for a moment."

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