Professional Tattoo Artists Reveal 15 Of The Most Overdone Tattoos That They Are Tired Of Drawing

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Fails On 18th June 2021

Professional Tattoo Artists at Buzzfeed Community tell some of the most overdone tattoos that are no fun to draw and are absolutely overrated. What do you think, some tattoos can never get old or one should go creative when it comes to getting a tattoo?


Some tattoos are just overdone, don't you think so?

One should go creative if getting a tattoo as it is going to last for a lifetime. Here we provide you with a list of tattoos that according to the professional tattoo artists in the BuzzFeed Community are overdone. 

Tell us, do you agree or disagree?

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#1 "The Deathly Hallows symbol from the Harry Potter series"

What do you think?

#2 "The outlines of mountains"

Yes or no?

#3 "Any kind of Disney movie quote or something written in the Disney font"

We find it cute. What about you?

#4 "An infinity symbol, especially on someone's wrist"

It can never go old.

#5 "Wrist or back tattoos with inspirational words like 'faith' and 'just breathe"

Your thoughts?

#6 "Little sun/moon combos"

We are neutral here. What about you?

#7 "A matching tattoo where one person has half of the yin and yang symbol, and the other person has the other half"

This is overdone. No doubt.

#8"A tiny cactus"

Aww. No?

#9 "Anything on the side of a finger"

We like it.

#10 "Any combination of Harry Potter and another book or movie series in the same tattoo"

What is this about Harry Potter and tattoos?

#11 "A tiny tattoo of something nautical, like a single wave or an anchor on their wrist"

Do you think it's overdone or not?

#12 "A literary quote that covers the person's whole arm"

We don't like it.

#13 "A cluster of tiny music symbols on someone's wrist or ankle"

Cute and delicate. But we need something new.

#14 "The singular word 'be' or 'go,' and nothing else"

Not bad. Your thoughts?

#15 And "A tattoo of Chip from Beauty and the Beast on the person's shoulder, specifically so they can say they have a chip on their shoulder"

What do you think? Is it overdone or not?