Prone To Low Moods? Lack Of Sex Affects Mood, Claim Experts

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Health and Fitness On 10th April 2018

According to experts lack of sex can cause sluggishness, tiredness, loss of libido and make you feel sadder.


Lack of sex causes mood swings and anger

More than 2,000 individuals participated in the research by A.Vogel Herbal Remedies. The researcher found average Brit spends nearly two years in a consistently bad mood and anger due to lack of sex.


Hormonal changes

Director of the Berman Center for women’s sexual health in Chicago, Laura Berman, Ph.D. said:

"Stress makes you tired, distracted and unmotivated to do anything, much less have sex, When a woman is stressed, the hormonal changes in her body trigger a chemical reaction causing sex hormone–binding globulin to bind with testosterone cells, so they’re unavailable for libido and sexual response."


Associate professor in the Department of Psychology at SUNY Oswego, Rebecca Burch, said:

"There's not much that's more reinforcing than orgasm, If it were only these hormones that determined how sex impacts us, then, yes, good sex would likely put us in a good mood."


Loss of sex drive or an increase in libido

Sari Cooper, LCSW, certified sex therapist says:

"For some people who refrain from sex, they begin to feel more sluggish, with less vitality and hunger for sex, out of sight out of mind is how some of my clients describe the scenario. Because it’s not on your radar, you may tune out sexual desires but for others, not having sex could make it even more desirable."


Importance of a healthy sex life

Dr. David Weeks, the former head of old age psychology and a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, said:

"Sex has a number of health benefits, which can make men and women look five to seven years younger."

"The exercise itself boosts circulation which is good for the heart and it also causes the human growth hormone to be released which produces more lean muscle and less fat and makes the skin look more elastic and attractive."


Absence of pleasure

"If there is an absence of pleasure, there is an absence of connectedness between two people and people may start to have doubts about their relationship. Sex sustains intimacy and there are some people who crave that need for sociability and sex more than others."


Regular intercourse is important for vaginal health

Dr. Streicher says:

"Older women who are not having intercourse are more likely to have to thin and drying of the tissues, A big part of this is blood flow, and we know increased activity increases blood flow."


Fluctuating hormones

The spokesman for A.Vogel Herbal Remedies, Dr. Jen Tan said:

"Some bad moods are for justifiable reasons, but there are many small and seemingly insignificant things which can leave us feeling blue.

Simply encountering someone with bad manners, or being stuck in traffic on the way to work can really set the tone of your mood for the rest of day.

Other bad moods can be put down to tiredness, feeling under the weather and fluctuating hormones due to PMS or the menopause."