Proud Catfishes Posting Their Glamourous Pictures And Then Revealing Their No-Makeup Face In Viral TikTok Challenge

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Funny On 5th December 2020

22-year-old Australian TikTok user @moldogaa started this hilarious challenge when she shared a Snapchat selfie with her 87,000 followers in a funny video where she later revealed her no-makeup everyday face. The clip went viral and now thousands of women from all over the world are sharing their catfish moments and incredible transformations.


One woman's TikTok is making rounds on the internet in which she was seen sharing catfish moment with her 87,000 followers

This 22-year-old Australian TikTok user @moldogaa started this funny catfish challenge after she shared a funny video with her 87,000 followers.

The video which set the trend showed the woman sharing her gorgeous Snapchat selfie and then revealing her everyday face while laughing hard.

In the clip, she said: 'Just took this photo on Snapchat... I do NOT look like that! Catfish - MEOW!'


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The funny video was bound to get viral

Soon many other women with quite some following on social media started using the audio to highlight their own incredible transformations from glamorous to their everyday relaxed look.  

The video became a trend and around 122,000 people have taken on the funny challenge and shared their own proud catfish moments.


Women were seen looking absolutely stunning and different with big lashes and messy buns

Then they shared their everyday random look wearing pajamas with no makeup and messed up hair.


Wome were seen enjoying this challenge

Famous TikToker Whitney Kait also took part in the humorous challenge and asked her 1.7 million followers: 'Can someone give me the title of Catfish Queen of 2020 already?'



Women taking part in this challenge proved that they are equally confident in their bare faces

It looked like Whitney's male followers were not happy with the video, with one commenting: 'I'm scared now.'

Meanwhile, another called it 'black magic', adding: 'How do you do it?' 


People were stunned and impressed with the makeup skills and remarkable transformations

One woman @Emacigerova wrote that her catfish moment was worse than she thought.


TikTok user @mzznofilter who was the trendsetter captioned her post 'the truth is out haha'


Proud catfishes laughing and making funny TikTok videos showing their next level makeup skills is all you need to see in 2020


The famous internet personalities taking part in the challenge tells us they are as human as us and no one can look perfect every time

Alissa Violet who is a well-known Youtuber and Influencer shocked her 3.7 million fans with her transformation. She captioned her video 'exposed' but many of her fans found her no-makeup also beautiful.

One wrote; 'She still looking fine to me.'

Another commented: 'Damn! Even prettier without makeup.'



So do you plan to take part in this challenge and show the whole world your catfish moment?