“Rap Today Sucks Bad” – Hopsin’s Parody Music Video On Modern Rap Is Brilliant

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 9th October 2015


Bad rap, don't fall into that trap, your life, you won't be getting that back, not with bad rap.

Nailed it? We thought as much. Hopsin isn't happy with the state of hip-hop community, and has chosen to express his distaste with this parody video No Words.

Taking a swipe at Auto-Tune vocals and unimaginative lyrics he aims to show us all just how bad it is. In the intro he says:

"Man, rap today fing sucks bad, I don't care what anybody says. They're not even saying words anymore. They just got a hard-ass fing beat to trick dumbasses like you to make you think you like the st I know for a fact nobody know what the fk these dudes be saying!"


The track is filled with rambling gibberish and it's very entertaining.

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