Rare Footage Of A Young Robin Williams Irritating A Director By Improvising Way Too Much.

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 8th September 2015


This footage of Robin Williams is from the early 1980's when YouTube poster Daniel Pastel claims he was working at a production company that was editing a segment for director Howard Storm. The segment was intended to be used as a promotional reel for Storm's work as a commercial director and, ironically, he could not control a very frenetic and improvisational Robin Williams.

You can hear Storm's desperate attempt to get Williams to deliver one clean take of the single line requested of him. "Ladies and gentlemen, Howard Storm is now directing commercials..." is the farthest we get before Williams' imagination runs wild.

"If he can work with me, he can work with anyone. Take a chance on a nice short Jewish man," Williams says in the clip.

"I'm proud to say it, Howard, because I love you that much."