Rare Photos You’ll Never See In Textbooks

Posted by Editorial Staff in History

A picture is worth a thousand words…and the ones you’re about to see might be worth more than that. History class was never the most exciting, but if I had these pictures to envision the worlds most important events, I might not have been so bored. It brings a reality to events that you can’t quite comprehend with just the imagination. Take a look for yourself!


#1 Children licking large blocks of ice on the sidewalk in New York City in 1912.

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#2 A payphone in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.


#3 John F. Kennedy Jr. in the presidential plane, 1963.


#4 Freddie Mercury with his mother, 1947.

#5 Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd during a break on the set of Ghostbusters, 1984.

#6 Sean Connery signs a coconut for a Jamaican child during the filming of Dr. No, 1962.

#7 The first gay pride parade in Philadelphia, June 1972.

#8 The future Queen Elizabeth II, June 1940.


#9 The Twin Towers on a morning in New York, a year before construction was completed, 1972.

#10 Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, New York, 1963.

#11 Filming of the MGM opening credits (1928).

#12 Hitler and Speer were mesmerized by the Schwerer Gustav, one of the largest piece of artillery ever used in Combat (1941).


#13 Circumcision was used by Pakistani soldiers to identify Hindus during Bangladesh’s War of Independence (1971).

#14 Known as Little Nap, the “Napoleon of the Chimpanzee World”, this chimp became a popular tourist attraction (1915).

#15 The first international match at Wimbledon in 1883.

#16 A boy watching TV in front of a window in 1948.


#17 German children playing with stacks of money during the hyperinflation period of the Weimar Republic, 1922.

#18 Einstein on the beach.

#19 A grotto in an iceberg as seen during the British Antarctic Expedition, January 5, 1911.

#20 The unbroken seal on Tutankhamun’s tomb, 1922 (after being untouched for 3,245 years).


#21 The last known photo of the Titanic.

#22 The poignant face of a soldier in Vietnam, 1965.

#23 Ducklings being used in medical therapy, 1956.

#24 The crowded and happy ship bringing back troops to New York Harbor after V-Day in 1945.


#25 Not a hatless head in this crowd of New Yorkers in 1939.

#26 Blair Parson’s store in Lynchburg, Virginia was famous for it’s “10,000 Calorie Sundae.”

#27 Scottish soldiers, 1916.

#28 A shoe shop, 1900.


#29 A bra design popular in the ’40s and ’50s. And you thought today’s youth had lost it...