Rat vs Pigeon! The Epic NYC Showdown!

By Michael Avery in Nature On 13th October 2015


It's all fun and games until a pizza becomes a pigeon.

On the heels of recent viral videos featuring rats love for pizza is this gruesome clip of one rodent having a very different kind of feast as he attacks and kills a pigeon in front of shocked New Yorkers.

When the video begins the rat has already sunk its teeth into the poor pigeon, which is seen desperately trying to flap its wings and escape.


'You only see this in New York,' someone can be heard saying off-screen.

The clip, which was filmed and posted on YouTube by John Freund, was captured in Brooklyn.

‘Rat versus pigeon,' another man dramatically announces, ‘Who will win?'

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Unfortunately, the odds are not in the pigeon's favor as the rat continues to drag it across the cobblestone path.

‘Rat's got him in a nice headlock,' one of the onlookers announces like a sportscaster.

The pigeon briefly manages to escape and looks like it's ready to fly away, but the rat is immediately on it's heels.


‘Run, run pigeon!' the onlookers scream.

The rat manages to catch the unlucky bird once more and the onlookers suspect the pigeon is too injured to fly.

The battle seems to be lost for the bird as the rat it into nearby bushes, lifting the bird with ease so it can begin to feast.

There is a futile last flap of the wings from the pigeon, but it's clear the bird's injuries have become too much as it becomes still.

‘Nature at its very cruelest,' says an onlooker, mocking an Australian accent.

See the very graphic video here.

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