Really easy and super fun ghostly lanterns to light up your Halloween

By Editorial Staff in Cool On 16th October 2013

#1: Milk carton or milk bottle sideway lanterns

All you need is Draw on a scary of funny face on the milk carton and then throw in some holiday lights or glow sticks. You can either hang them around your house or along your side path to your home! Super easy and gives a nice holiday effect.

#2: Hanging ghost lanterns

What you need is:First you start of by building the inside structure for the ghost. Cut off the top half of the coke bottle at any length as you wish and pass the coat hanger rod through the bottle as its arms. It should look like this:Â

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#3: Cheese cloth ghosts!

These are super cute and easy to do! All you need is Blow up a few balloons to any size that you like. Then mix equal amounts of glue and water together or maybe just add a pinch of extra glue. Soak the cheese cloth in the mixture and drape it over the balloon. Give it a day to harden and dry. After that pop the balloon and you'll be left with your cheese cloth ghost's body. Cut out eyes and a mouth or any facial expression that you want out of felt and put it on. Now for the glow, you can either use LED tea lights or tiny floating candles. Glow sticks should work too! Please test on one and be careful if it burns through don't use it. Obviously! LOL

#4: Skull lights

Another fun and cute project for the kids! What you need is Cut shapes out of black electric tape for the face.Â

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#5: Mod podge/LED tea light vase lanterns

What you need:Now this is really simple. Cut 1" strips out of the tissue paper. Directly apply the mod podge glue onto the vase and stick the tissue paper over it.

#6: Mummy Lantern

What you need:Take your jar and with the help of the hot glue, roughly wrap the jar with the strips for cloth. After its all held in place, cut out 2 circles for the eyes just slightly bigger than the jeweled ones. First stick on the black ones and then the jeweled ones, preferably red. Carefully! I REPEAT carefully!! place you candles inside the jar and make sure the gauze doesn't over lap the jar! Keep your kids away from them once lit. There you have it! One inexpensive mummy :)

#7: Solar light or LED tea light jars

What you need:Super simple! Just fill the jar with the stuffing, make sure to thin it out first. Then place the spider rings (cutting of the rings first) in whichever way you want it to be. Close the jar with the solar or tea light attached. At the end this is what it will look like:Â