Really Interesting Health Facts That Everyone Should Know

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 18th May 2018

If you're at all concerned with your health some of the facts listed in this article might be helpful to you. I hope you enjoy them.


#1 Cuddling can be addictive.

This one is really amazing. Apparently, cuddling can be as addictive as a drug including withdrawal symptoms when you are deprived of those cuddles. Who knew?


#2 The more you know!

This college professor proved to his students that it doesn't matter what you eat. What matters is the number of calories. He couldn't have picked a tastier way to prove his point.


#3 Can I have this superpower?

Some people are able to sleep much less than others without suffering any ill effects. This is actually a genetic defect that is a positive.

#4 Anxiety can really mess you up.

Have you ever been really anxious and had a hard time focusing and standing? This is because severe anxiety can adversely affect your balance.

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