Researchers Says 'Couples Who Roast One Another on a Regular Basis Are Stronger'

Posted by Zainab Pervez in Relationships On 9th May 2021

Experts now say that if you and your partner regularly make fun of each other, your relationship is very likely to become strong and healthy


Roasting is the key

Anyone who's been in a serious relationship will know that, behind doors, it's anything but. Once you've emigrated out of the so-called 'honeymoon period' and checked in to long-term territory, it's cart-blanche for japes, jibes and humour at your loved one's expense.

According to research out of Appalachian State University, one of the best indicators of a healthy relationship is mutual roasting. That’s right—sarcasm and consistent good-hearted jabbing with your partner actually make for a more solid relationship.

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Sharing a sense of humor

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It’s a great indicator that two people understand one another on a deeper level. They have a shared sense of humor, and they know there are no mean intentions behind their words.

Bringing a bit of light-hearted banter into your relationship could bring you closer together.

It seems quite harsh to consider teasing your partner on a daily basis, but the research is talking about the little quirks that you love most about the person.

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Relationship Science

When it comes to healthy relationships, most people understand there are some basic foundation rules that must be in place like trust, honesty, and an ability to compromise, for starters. Then there are other cues that vary from couple to couple like sense of humor, similar goals, and each person’s likes and dislikes.

Every relationship has its own idiosyncrasies, or tidbits that make them unique – quirks, if you will. They are the little nitty-gritty details about each person that the general public don’t usually get to see because, well, if we’re being honest, they’re probably not the most flattering sides of us.

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Calling Them Out

But according to experts, when we not only accept, but call each other out on these quirks, we are giving the highest level of connection possible. It’s a way of stating, “I see you, and I accept you as you are” while finding the humor in it together.

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Keep It Light

It’s important to note that the chiding and roasting needs to be kept in check. No one likes to be torn apart or reminded of flaws in a negative manner, but when done with humor and good intentions, it can be a highly healing process that brings two people closer together.

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Less Stress

Studies have shown that laughter reduces the number of stress hormones in your body and lowers blood pressure. Less stress in a relationship means fewer arguments, decreased chance of resentment, and more time to be together and create good memories.

“Stress is a total libido-killer for both women and men. Dr. Gil Greengross of the University of New Mexico explains that a sense of humor makes you more attractive, and Dr. Robert Provine of the University of Maryland agrees that laughing boosts intimacy,”

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Defusing the Problem

When you make a joke at your partner’s expense, you’re actually venting. You’re drawing attention to the small things that bug you in a gentle way. This prevents those negative feelings from festering and lingering until you inevitably lash out. Roasting effectively helps you avoid angry outbursts.

Feel free to roast each other until the cows come home—your relationship will be healthier, stronger, and more fun in the long run.

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