Restaurant Blasted For Serving Up Chocolate Dessert — In A Toilet

By Aleena in Bizarre On 6th September 2023

In a cringe-worthy video filmed at Gordos, a restaurant in Holon, south of Tel Aviv, Israel, a waiter brings a dish that looks like a porcelain toilet to a table of hungry folks.

With a big reveal, he lifts the lid, and a heap of chocolate ice cream (or maybe dulce de leche?) is inside, made to look like a messy bathroom mishap.

Diners eagerly behold the feces-themed treat. Jam Press Vid/@gordos_restaurant

What's surprising is that the diners don't seem disgusted at all. They dig in with their spoons, laughing all the way, treating it like a fun and quirky dessert in the shape of a toilet bowl!

There's no word on whether they used that quirky vessel for bathroom needs after their meal.

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They went with this strange dessert idea because it is still a bit of a head-scratcher.

Some folks think it might be a playful way to say that life can get messy sometimes, like how an artist once turned a urinal into art a long time ago.

But not everyone was a fan of this wacky dessert. One person couldn't help but wonder, "And people eat this s – – t?"

"As a regular customer of yours, honestly this time I was shocked," said another of the parter pooper of the day.

“People eat this s – – t?” wondered one disbelieving commenter. Jam Press Vid/@gordos_restaurant
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"Damn, the concept looks very disturbing," criticized a third.

Another viewer labeled the poop-sicle as "the most disgusting thing I've ever seen."

Previous diners have even shared their horror when seeing the dessert, as one wrote: "As a regular customer of yours, honestly this time I was shocked by this look, I'll never enter this restaurant anymore."

One fan called it "genius", contrary to the rest of the repulsed viewers.

And it wasn't just the sorbet's scatological resemblance that put people off.

Pakistan outlet Samaa took offense over the dessert's name, "Third House of S – – t," which they felt alluded to "the revered concept of the Third Temple in Jewish tradition."

A muscular server brings the weighty toilet bowl treat to customers. Jam Press Vid/@gordos_restaurant

"The hypothetical Third Temple is a subject of profound religious significance to many, making the dessert's name a point of contention," the outlet wrote of the supposedly snack-religious connotation.

"Critics argue that the use of such a name for a dessert can be interpreted as a lack of respect for religious beliefs held by a significant portion of the country's population."

Of course, this isn't the first restaurant to model its dishes after detritus.

This unusual toilet-themed dining trend has been popping up worldwide for a while now.

One example is the Modern Toilet cafe chain in Taiwan, which I had the chance to visit in Shanghai a few years ago.

A close-up of the crap-petizing dessert. Jam Press Vid/@gordos_restaurant

They became known for serving poop-inspired dishes like "Golden Poop" (brown curry) and "Constipation" (noodles with soybean paste), all served in toilet-shaped dishes.

Thankfully, we haven't reached the point where fountain drinks are served in bidets – at least, not yet!