Rich Parents Fake Their Own Death To Fool Their Son Who Hired A Hit Man To Murder Them

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 25th February 2018

The things people do for the sake of money. This 22-year old Russian man attempted to kill his parents including his 10-year old sister to get early inheritance not once but twice in the past, getting caught for the third time. The ungrateful son each time came up with a carefully devised and cruel plan, fortunately, the events never worked out in his favor. The third time, the parents realizing their son's evil plan decided to give their ungrateful son the taste of his own medicine.

#1 Rich Russian Couple Had To Fake Their Own Death In Their Own Home

A rich Russian couple faked their own assassination in order to deceive their evil 22-year old son who hired an assassin to kill them and his 10-year-old sister to get his inheritance early. The parents completed the show by posing for the pictures appearing dead in them, making it appear as if the stint has been completed, fooling the 22-year old to believe he got successful in killing off his own family.


#2 Ungrateful Son Had Made A Detailed Plan

The evil son hired undercover detectives for the murder and set up a detailed plan for the murder. According to reports, the man drew a detailed map of his home and pointed out each and every single detail about his family's whereabouts including the presence of guard dogs and location of cameras in the home. He cruelly demanded pictures as an evidence that his work has been carried out.

He agreed upon a hefty price on a condition that all three of his relatives be murdered. The detectives, however, played a double game with the man and set up a new plan with the parents to deceive him.

#3 Cruel Man Disgustingly Appeared Delighted Upon Seeing The Fake Pictures

The murder was planned to take place at the family home in Russia, Sochi. The parents played dead for the fake pictures, with blood gushing out of their bodies after the brutal knife attacks. The meeting was later arranged in a car to show the evidence and get the money in return. Looking at the pictures, the assassin actually appeared delighted and promised to pay the price £38,000 fee as soon as he had collected his inheritance.


#4 He Had Attempted To Murder His Parents Twice In The Past

The psycho son was later arrested by the Police and it was shockingly discovered that the 22-year old actually had tried to murder his parents twice before, each time coming up with a cruel plan. According to a Police source, "He wanted to get rid of parents because they were not giving him money. Before looking for a killer he tried to get rid of his relatives twice. He was looking on the internet to find out how to carry out the murders. The criminal wanted to put pills in the kettle to poison his parents but his father found out something was wrong. Then the son planned to break a thermometer in his parents' car so that they were poisoned with mercury vapours."

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