Robinho Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison

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Robinho is a 33-year-old Brazillian striker who plays football (soccer for our US readers) for Manchester City. He was sentenced along with five other men who were also convicted of a 2013 gang rape of an Albanian girl in the Milan nightclub. He is just the latest in a long line of Brazillian footballers whose careers that have long lived up to the talent that they showed at a young age.



Robinho joined Manchester City back in 2008. He was playing AC Milan at the time of the incident. At the moment, he is playing in his homeland with Atletico Mineiro and is hoping to change the ruling on the incident. Italian laws state that Robinho will not be sentenced until after the appeals process has been exhausted which could take years.


Who is Robinho?

Let's start by saying that this is a married man. He is also one of Brazilian football's brightest stars when he was first discovered at Santos back in 2002.The club at Neymar thought the same thing ten years later when they paid him £20m in order to move to Real Madrid in 2005.



He enjoyed a successful run at the Bernabeu but was not happy when he was offered to Manchester United as a makeweight after Christiano Ronaldo's move to the Spanish Capital. Robinho rejected that deal and pushed for a move to Chelsea.



Eventually, he made the £32.5m move to Man City in 2008. On his debut with the club, he scored a brilliant free-kick against Chelsea, before netting a hat-trick against Stoke City the following month. After a while, he became unsettled while in Manchester and went on loan to Santo early in 2010, but later that year moved to AC Milan for £15m.

Why has Robinho been sentenced to nine years in prison, and will he go to jail?

Robinho was one of a group of five who was found guilty in an Italian court of sexual assault on an Albanian girl in a Milan nightclub in January of 2013. Since the player is currently in Brazil, it will be up to the Brazilian authorities to decide whether or not they will extradite him to Italy.


Italian law says that Robinho will be able to file two appeals against his sentence before he actually has to serve time in prison. If he loses his appeals he will be extradited so that he can serve out his sentence in an Italian prison.

A statement posted on his Instagram from his legal team said: “Regarding the news involving the striker Robinho, in an incident that occurred several years ago, we wish to clarify that he already declared his innocence and maintained he had no involvement whatsoever."