Russian Adult Film Star Offers A 16 Hour Steamy Session To A Footballer If He Scores 5 Goals

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 14th October 2015

#1 Alina Yeremenko, Her Indecent Proposal.

Alina, 25 is better known as Alina Henessy as it is her On-screen name.

She has pitched an undeniable offer in front of twenty-four-year-old ace Russian soccer player Kokorin. She has claimed that she will make love with him continuously for 16 hours if he hits five goals in a game.

#2 Alexander Kokorin

He plays for Dynamo Moscow and has had a nice season with seven goals so far.

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#3 The Interview

In an Interview where she was asked to mark the players of Russian Premiere League Championship on a scale of ten, she gave Kokorin ten out of ten.

#4 Creative fans came up with logics!

Some said that if Kokorin falls short of two goals and hits three, then Alina might give him an eight-hour session.

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#5 Will he change his strategy for getting the favor

Some other fans say that this cheap deal will not make a professional soccer player to change the way he plays.

#6 Football and Porn, what a logic!

Alina says that football and porn are same for her as there are many pretty boys involved in both!

#7 Unlucky some!

Not everyone was as lucky as Kokorin, his teammate Sergey Ignashevich got just three on a scale of ten.

#8 Flare of messages!

Many other have started claiming to have a marathon session with Alexander. It's a win-win situation for him, no doubt about that.