Russian Billionaire Loses Half His Fortune In Alimony After Divorcing Putin's Daughter Katerina

Posted by Sama in News On 27th January 2018

The recent divorce of Putin's youngest daughter Katerina has sparked new rumors and conspiracy theorists are coming up with different theories saying the agenda behind Putin's daughter might be not as simple as it appears to be.

#1 Famous For His Ruthlesness

Putin is famous as a ruthless leader who has dominated Russian politics for quite some time. The infamous politician has ruled his nation with harsh tactics and it seems like Putin does not like when someone leaves his daughter. As Putin's daughter Katerina recently got divorced by her husband Shamalov, a Russian billionaire and to punish him, Shamalov has been stripped of his half wealth in the name of alimony.


#2 Stripped Of Half Of His Wealth

According to the latest reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin's youngest daughter Katrina Tikhonova's marriage to Kirill Shamalov has ended. And as a result of divorce it is cited, Kirill Shamalov son of Putin pal Nikolay Shamalov, may have lost more than half his wealth.

#3 All The Privileges Ended With The Divorce

Reports said Shamalov received 4.3 percent stake in petrochemical giant Sibur around the time of his marriage to Tikhonova in 2012-13. During the course of his marriage, he managed to pick up another 17 percent of the shares for about $2.2 billion. Soon after the divorce, it was announced by Sibur that Shamalov sold the 17 percent shares and reportedly the business tycoon has made zero from the sale because apparently Shamalov was only allowed to hold those shares as a stake that guaranteed him being a part of Putin's family. This means the privileges ended as soon as the marriage ended.


#4 Shamalov Denying All Claims

According to sources, Shamalov has denied any such news and claims he faced such a big loss as a result of some unlucky investment. Though the reports say otherwise, as according to Bloomberg, Shamalov's wealth last year was estimated at $1.3 billion which now is $800 million or less now given the divorce cost and possibly an interest payment on a huge loan.

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