Russian Schoolgirl Electrocuted By Cellphone In Bathtub

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Heartbreaking On 3rd February 2018

A schoolgirl was ‘electrocuted in her bath’ after her phone fell in the water while she was charging it, police say.

The young victim, named only as Kseniya P, was listening to music while taking a bath when the tragedy happened in Moscow, Russia

The 12-year-old, named as Kseniya P, is reported to have died instantly.


Kseniya P had been listening to music while in the bath when her phone ran out of power.

She plugged it in to charge in the bathroom but the phone with the cable attached fell into the water, according to a preliminary investigation.

Kseniya’s mother was in the kitchen preparing a meal while her daughter was in the bathroom.

She became unsettled after a period of prolonged silence and went to the bathroom to investigate.


She went into the bathroom and found the girl already dead with her head under the water.

The phone was floating in the bath.

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