Sailors Film Eerie Moment They Find 'Ghost Ship' In The Middle Of The Ocean With Nobody On Board

By Abdul Rafay in Travel On 3rd November 2023

Undoubtedly, a completely functional sailboat is not among the many things that could be discovered drifting aimlessly in the middle of the ocean.

Credit: Ocean Research Project/YouTube

The boat, which was around 800 miles from Bermuda, was discovered in 2013 while the nonprofit organization Ocean Research Project was traveling across the Atlantic.

A team member named Matt Rutherford, the first person in history to conduct a nonstop, solo sail around North and South America, spotted the ship and decided to explore it as it seemed to be devoid of any signs of life.

"This is one awfully abandoned sailboat; Wolfhound from the Irish yacht club," Matt said to the camera.

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"I have no idea what's inside. I'm going to go search around - I hope I don't find any dead bodies or anything like that."

Credit: Ocean Research Project/YouTube

He found himself below deck to see quite a mess, but fortunately no bodies.


But from the scattered personal and domestic goods, it was obvious that someone had been there at some point.

He continued by calling the entire situation "absolutely crazy."

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"Here I am, 800 miles from Bermuda, 1500 miles from the United States standing on a very nice Swan 48 in the middle of the ocean," Matt said.

Although the belt's exterior was in fairly decent condition, the engine had long since failed, making it unusable for sailing.

They proceeded to tow the 48-foot boat across the ocean, even though it was six feet longer than theirs.

After spending the following 47 days dragging the massive ship, Matt and the other passengers had to bargain with a freighter they passed in order to get some fuel.


Nevertheless, it proved to be too much for their smaller boat, and they ultimately had to let the boat they were towing go because their engine broke.

Credit: Ocean Research Project/YouTube

The boat was thought to have been abandoned for nine weeks prior to its discovery.

On YouTube, someone posted the following comment: "The ship had only been left abandoned for 9 weeks back in 2013. This video, although released just four days ago on December 23rd, 2022, the abandoning of the ship occurred in February of 2013 and was found 9 weeks later, when these researchers stumbled upon it.”

"9 weeks with nobody manning it and no anchor or anything is impressive as hell. Shows you how durable these beauties can be."

Alan McGettigan had owned the ship, but as their batteries died, he and the crew were forced into hard times.

After that, there was an engine breakdown, which prevented the ship from having navigation or communication systems for eight days.


Later, a cargo ship that was passing by saved them.

In the world of ships and boats, each vessel has its unique story and role. Sometimes, the destiny of one boat can unexpectedly connect with another, creating surprising and interesting situations.