Tennessee Man Arrested For DUI While Driving Kids' Santa’s Train On Meth

By Abdul Rafay in News On 3rd December 2023
Fox 59

As we all know, Christmas is almost coming up, which means that people dressed as Santa Claus will soon be crowding public spaces.

Being Santa requires several skills. 


A huge red costume is necessary for some folks and a fake beard for others.

Henry Meade, however, was a Tennesseean who only needed meth and the right attitude to become Saint Nick.

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Fox 59

Meade was assigned to drive "Santa's Train" during his town's Christmas Tractor Parade, according to Fox 59. 

"Driving a motorized lawn mower that he was using to pull carts full of children and their families" was the nature of this activity.


It is true that managing children during the day is not an easy task. Only God can judge someone if they require a small dose of liquid courage to get through working a carnival.

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However, it's important to know how to maintain control, which Meade most definitely did not.

“Visitors at the event said they saw [Meade] acting erratically,” writes Hannah Moore for Fox 59. 

“Officers said Meade was unsteady on his feet. A field sobriety test determined he was under the influence, according to an arrest narrative.”

They eventually detained Meade and searched him. 

Fox 59

"A syringe, meth, and several other narcotics on his person," according to the police, were discovered.

For those who are curious, Meade is being charged with "driving under the influence, possession of methamphetamine and other drug charges"

Apparently, in the state of Tennessee, you can obtain a DUI while operating a riding lawnmower. Who knew?

Meade will undoubtedly remain on the naughty list for the time being, but hopefully, he'll get clean in time for the rest of the holiday season.


“It is important to clarify that vendor hiring is not under the city’s jurisdiction. Vendors are independently contracted, and their selection is not managed by the city,” the department said in a statement.

“Despite this, the Tazewell Police Department responded swiftly to the incident, ensuring the safety of event attendees. The rapid action taken by our law enforcement underscores our commitment to public safety.”


Over the weekend, thousands of individuals had attended the event. The department also stated that 14 police officers were on foot patrol within a 1/8-mile radius of the march.

“Public safety is paramount on any day at any time and this event was no different. It is unfortunate but the police officers did their job and protected everyone involved,” the statement added.