Science Has Proven That People With Big Bellies Are Better In Bed.

By Johny in Facts and DIY On 21st October 2015

#1 Fat people won the race of having better Sex Thanks to their hormones.

#2 Most beautiful girls from P*rn industry also like the curves of fat people. so it's more demanding.

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#3 According the survey done in USA, a women feel more comfortable with overweight people. They said, we get embarrass if he is in shape more than me. So it's something jealousy.

#4 An Overweight women is more demanded than shaped and zero figure women.

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#5 And the marriages with fat people last longer too because they feel secure about their husband. Girls mostly run for shape but for lifetime relationship fat peoples are awesome.

#6 This is the best benefit ever get for having sex with fat people.