Science Reveals The Real Reason Why Some People See Ghosts While Others Don't

Posted by Sama in Science and Technology On 10th February 2018

Science has given a number of reasons why some people experience paranormal activity while others don't. According to new scientific research, there might be certain external factors which interfere with our biological setup causing our mind to play tricks on us and making us see things which are not in reality.


#1 Experiencing Supernatural Things Might Be Real For Some People

We all know someone in our life who claims to have experienced supernatural presence, experiencing cold shivers out of nowhere or feeling goosebumps without any reason. Or perhaps you might be the one to experience this all. Well, congratulations you are not lying and next time when someone says that you are making things up you can give them evidence based on scientific research.


#2 Mystery Solved By Science

There are also people who are in search of experiencing supernatural things and for the purpose, they go as far as going to graveyards and all the haunted places just to experience it but eventually fail miserably.

Well, the mystery has been finally solved and the answer lies in the science.


#3 Some People Get Scared At Even The Thought Of Experiencing Paranormal Activity

There are some of us who get scared even the thought of experiencing anything supernatural. The idea of feeling anything odd and seeing anything like this scares the hell out of them and they are those people who are not able to sit still while watching a horror movie because of all the screaming and jumping around. They are so scared that even when they see something normal they interpret as something paranormal. In fact, in reality, it is their mind playing games on them attributing to their innermost fear of supernatural things.

While people who are not that scared of these things they don't' experience it much because if they experience something odd they come up with some rational thought behind it and don't let it get to them.

#4 Science Behind These Experiences

We have heard of term "cerebral anoxia," it is a condition when the brain becomes deprived of oxygen, affecting the normal functioning this results in our brain playing tricks on us. Oxygen deprived brain may trick you into hallucinating things which are not even there, things like having an outer-body experience have also been traced to oxygen deprivation and it is no surprise that a person could see a ghost in this state.

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