Scientist Plans To Use Artificial Intelligence To Let Grieving Relatives Talk To The Deceased

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology On 9th March 2018

A Swedish funeral agency plans to use AI to create a chatbot that can reconstruct the voices of the dead.


Swedish funeral agency, Fenix, plans to create chatbot using artificial intelligence. According to Sputnik News:

Swedish scientists believe that artificial intelligence can be harnessed to create 'fully conscious copies' of our loved ones after they die.


Artificial intelligence technology

The agency will use artificial intelligence to reconstruct voices of the dead to comfort grieving people who lost their loved ones.

Make the bot seem like a real person

Information of the dead person will be uploaded into a computer database and AI will be used to make the bot seem like a real person to interact with the relative of the deceased.


Answer questions

At our agency, we have developed a funeral cure that answers questions that relatives can have about the funeral. It's a cure, but it responds in a human way, says Charlotte Runius.

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