Scientist Say That Staring At This Optical Illusion Can Actually Improve Your Vision.

Posted by Michael Avery in Science and Technology On 13th July 2017

Optical illusions are used to trick our minds into seeing things but now they also could help to improve your vision. New research suggests that by looking at this simple optical illusion you can actually improve your ability to read the fine print.


Scientists at the universities of Glasgow and York have found that your ability to read small print can be improved simply using optical illusions in what they call the "expanding motion effect." After staring at simple illusions, those tested could read small lettering that they previously could now. The condition of your eyes determines visual acuity but this study suggests that it can be influenced by how your brain perceives things as well. This is called the perceptual process. It describes the steps that your brain takes to interpret and organize the information you see. The expanding motion effect can make things appear much bigger than they really are.



Dr. Robert Jenkins from York's psychology department and Martin Lages from Glasgow University wanted to find out if the motion effect could also be used to help people read the smaller print. To achieve this they used the logMAR eye chart. You often see this chart posted in your optometrist's office and it's used during eye exams. Over 70 people were asked to look at spiral illusions for 30 seconds. One went clockwise and the other went counter clockwise. They were then asked to try reading the chart. The test showed that some of the people could read the smaller letters much better afterward.


Those who looked at the clockwise image showed an improved ability to read fine print afterward, but those who looked at the counter clockwise image actually did worse than when they first tried the test. It's believed that the clockwise image looks like it's expanding as opposed to the counterclockwise image that looks like it's contracting.



Dr. Jenkins says: "We were pretty impressed by the consistency of the effect. No matter how you break it down, by letter size, by letter position, the performance boost is there. And there was a correlation with initial ability; the harder people found the task, the more the illusion helped them.” Still, you shouldn't throw away your glasses just yet. The effects only last for a short time.

While the doctors continue to figure out ways to make your eye site better here are some natural eye exercises that you can use to improve your vision. You might even be able to ditch your glasses and improve nearsightedness, astigmatism and other vision issues.

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