Scrubs Is Probably The Best Hospital Show On Television Ever

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 26th June 2018

If you have never watched the show Scrubs, you have no idea what you are missing. It is not your regular hospital show filled with drama and strange diseases that need to be diagnosed. It gives you some insight on what it takes to become a doctor while also keeping your sense of humor intact. There are some deep storylines, but it is the humor that keeps you hooked on the show. Here are some highlights that will make you understand why the show was so awesome.

Sticks and Stones

JD is one of the stars of the show and never ceases to make us laugh. His revelations can be quite enlightening.



Elliot tries so hard to get Dr. Cox to acknowledge her. When he finally does, he usually hits her with a real zinger to her pride. He never fails to give us a laugh at Elliot's expense.

This Guy

Dr. Kelso is just one big grumpy jerk who hardly ever has anything nice to say to anyone. While he is incredibly rude to his fellow doctors and nurses, we cannot help but be amused by his candor.


I do

Turk and JD have a bond that most people would love to have with at least one person in their lifetime. Their relationship is friendship goals that we all wish we had.

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