Selfies Before Death, I Don't Know If It's Genius Or Stupidity!

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 18th September 2015

#1 Doing stretching exercises at the top of your building is more challenging.

#2 Can somebody find these people something to do that will use their skills?

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#4 You believe that taking a selfie on the highest point in the city is cool.

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#5 Is he climbing up frozen waterfalls? Whoa! Does insurance cover this?

#6 What do they think? Can't they get a decent room to sleep?

#7 Maybe they're not happy being born humans. They want to live like bugs!

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#8 This person should have enlisted in the military if she wants to die!

#9 I cannot understand why these people play a game with death?

#10 These people believed that reaching the top could make a difference...but not to the world.

#11 Hanging from the top of a structure with only one hand wakes your blood.

#12 Can adrenaline rush save the planet from total melt down?

#13 Can hanging on the beam at the top of the building stop the war?

#14 After this selfie, will air pollution be finally addressed? how about toxic waste?

#15 If his effort could benefit more people instead of worrying his family, it would have been great!