Seriously? This Book Is For Kids?

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 19th October 2015

#1.In 1968, Time Life released How Babies Are Made, an adorable, illustrated look into the miracle of life.

#2.First things are kept PG: we're shown a rain/seed/earth threesome that gets a little dirty. (Get it? Because it's dirt!)

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#4.Well you're wrong.

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#5.Yeah that's right. They drew Mr. Rooster giving it to Ms. Hen. And by giving "it", we mean his chicken-y semen.

#6.Dogs get in on the action too, this time, Mr. Cocker Spaniel, a totally accidental choice, we're sure, has his kibbles and bits pointed out.

#7.And no pop-up sex ed book would be complete without some explicit homosapien-on-homosapein love.

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#8.The author then gives kids everywhere an image they'll never get out of their head.

#9.Mom and dad. In bed. The bed you sometimes crawl into when you have a nightmares. The bed you saw them playing leap frog in.

#10.And just in case Mom's smirk didn't give it away, the book spells out exactly what's going on under that hideously-patterned blanket.

#11.Then they show the result of Mommy and Daddy's special time. Not pictured: Mom's sheer agony.

#12.And the book ends with a bunch of kids who are about the same age-range as the targeted reader. But take note of their eyes...

#13.Someone's got to tell Mom and Dad to keep that door closed.