Sexy Teachers Share The Most Uncomfortable Thing A Student Ever Said To Them.

Posted by Michael Avery in Life Style On 18th September 2017

Unfortunately for attractive teachers, they have the burden of having to deal with students who develop crushes on them, and sometimes they say questionable things. Below are 12 stories of the most uncomfortable things students have said to an attractive teacher.


#1 Flaunt it, yo.

"There was a really hot teacher and all the guys used to check her out constantly. At the end of high school, all the teachers put on a play jokingly ripping into the students and when she came on, all the guys start wolf-whistling like crazy - one dude even shouted: "Get your boobs out". How did she respond? She blew a kiss to the crowd. So yeah, she knew. And she embraced it well." (TheVeeginator)


#2 That's adorable!

"My older brother used to propose to one of the cute English teachers at our high school every single day. Five years later when I got to her class, she remembered him very fondly. Turns out she had been going through a terrible divorce that year and his daily proposals made her laugh." (MamaDoom)


#3 Teacher from afar.

"I teach in Indonesia. I have had many students ask me out after class, show cleavage during class. I don't think it's because I am overly attractive, but because I am white." (delayedregistration)

#4 Bro code.

"Student teaching at a junior high. A 23-year-old male, and I guess I'm attractive? The girls are flirty with me. A few have asked for my number, which I would not give out, obviously. Some show cleavage when I am trying to help them with an assignment or do that little thing girls do where they hit a guy's shoulder and giggle. The main thing is I just have to watch how I interact with them. They will take an act of kindness as an "OMG I THINK HE LIKES ME" moment, so I just have to be careful, and remember that I am their teacher, not their friend. Some of the boy's will kind of defend me and call girls out on it, I guess bro code has no generation gap." (ZeroFawkes)

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