She Lost One Hand At Birth, And The Other Is Deformed, But She Has Totally Owned Her Entire Body

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Amazing On 24th January 2018

Growing up can be hard. Most of us have gone through body issues and insecurities, especially during school-aged years where bullying is a daily issue many have had to deal with. Kids are just plain mean-natured, but maybe Molly Higgins is tougher than most of us were growing up.


Tough Time Growing Up

23-year-old Molly Higgins from California had it worse than most kids growing up. Her right hand was amputated when she was just a newborn baby, and she has a severely damaged left hand. Because of this, growing up was really hard. She was bullied and suffered from depression, body image issues, and depression. She even became suicidal at one point.


Owning It

Molly has some incredible inner strength. Even though it took time, she is totally owning her "differently abled" body and has become a model. Molly shows off her confidence and helps others by sharing her journey on Instagram.



She shares inspiring messages and stories on her Instagram account that has over 6,000 followers. She does this in hopes that others will find inspiration and be more comfortable in their own skin.


"Every week, I get a handful of DM’s of people asking how I got to this point and how they can be more confident. I’ll be honest with you—I’m not. Not a day goes by that I don’t hate what I see in the mirror and wish I could change almost everything about myself," Molly wrote in one post.

"The difference is now I don’t give those thoughts validity. I acknowledge them, but know they aren’t the truth. And I move on. I was once a girl who didn’t want to wear anything but long sleeves in the summer, and now I’m modeling @mirameswim swimwear in the middle of winter".


Not Alone

Molly said that her struggles with depression made her want to reach out. At her lowest, she felt incredibly isolated and wanted other people going through the same kinds of experiences to know that they were not alone.


She wrote, "I was in a deep depression that I didn’t and couldn’t confront for the majority of my life. I was bullied, dreamt of suicide, and was really angry about the circumstances I was placed in. But I just got to the point where I was tired of hating myself. It’s exhausting."

Getting Motivated

"I resolved that it was my life and I only have one, so why didn’t I let go and ease up on myself a bit. That’s what motivated me to start being more open about my own struggles and journey because I felt so alone for so long and didn’t want others to feel the hopelessness and isolation I felt."

Not Alone

Apparently, Molly's plan is working. She shared one of her follower's stories recently. Her name was Katherine. Katherine was born without an arm and has had to overcome similar struggles in her life. She has also gone on to become a model and is living a very full life.

Role Model

A new mother also reached out to Molly praising her for her honesty and openness. Her son had been born "differently-abled" and is happy that he will have role models like Molly to look up to.


"I want to be kinder to myself and to others. I want to become more in tune with myself and my body. At the end of it all, no one knows you like you know you. So start to try become best friends with yourself, trust yourself and your path," Molly says.


Molly is healthier and happier than ever. She models for Mirame Swimwear and is fearlessly forging an independent path. She says that she was always a self-starter. Maybe she had to be in order to get by. She didn't have anyone to teach her how to navigate life when other people saw her as different.


Molly has proven her strength to the whole world and is diligently helping others find theirs. "Life is a lot more fun when you give less of a f*ck I promise," she says.

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