She Puts A Condom In Her Sock And Fills It With Water. She's Not Crazy, Just A Genius

Posted by Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 20th March 2016

Did you know that there are a ton of uses for the popular prophylactic outside the bedroom? This lady discovered how to use her drawer full of unused condoms in ways you wouldn't have ever imagined before. And they're all pretty amazing!


#1 Condoms Have Many Uses

We know what they are manufactured for, but did you know there are many more uses for the condom? This brilliant DIY guru just came up with these amazing ideas for those small, stretchy, impervious sheaths and you'll be asking "why didn't I ever think of that?"

Before we get started and discover the ways the condom sitting in your nightstand drawer can be put to use, remember that they will all need to be non-lubricated condoms. Otherwise, this will all just be a huge mess.


#2 Open Up Tight Jar Lids

Having a tough time opening that stubborn lid? Just unroll a regular non-lubricated latex condom and place it over the top of the jar and give it a quick twist.


#3 No More Stuck Jelly Jars

Don't toss out that jar of honey or jelly because the jar is stuck, this foolproof method is a money saver and great for those with poor arm and hand strength. The lid will easily twist right off because there is less moisture from your palms and a little friction.

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