She Used To Be A 240 Lb Bearded Marine. Her Transition Into A Woman Is One You’ll Never Forget...

By Michael Avery in Amazing On 23rd October 2015


This transition is so crazy, you have to see the steps for yourself or you'll never believe it's true. Matthew was 240lbs at the start of his transition, balding with a great big old bushy beard and an internal conflict for the ages.


Like so many before him, that internal conflict kept him from being who he really is, a she. Growing up with quite the conservative family, coming out wasn't an option, so all that was left to try to get some semblance of order in his life, he joined the Marines. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan on six different tours of duty and loved his job, but still didn't feel right; as if the military's structure wasn't what he was truly craving. During that time he got married and even had a daughter, but something still wasn't right.

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Come November of 2012, he decided to finally make that change, and came out as transgender. Now, thanks to her efforts documenting everything, you can watch directly as Matthew becomes Sona, the girl she always knew she needed to be. Now, of all the transitions I've seen on the web, there's none other like this. At least not when comparing the Extreme's that Sona came from and went to!


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