She Was Fired From Job For Being Pregnant & Then She Did Something Amazing

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 16th October 2015


Joeli Brearly is an independent woman who is happily employed as a full-time manager in a marketing company.She is seven months pregnant with her second child.She lost her job because of being pregnant.She stated in her interview that things were different when she used to work with another client and pregnant with her firstborn.Joeli claims she was fired from work by her previous client because she was four months pregnant.


She said she was really shocked after hearing this news.It is not the only case, where a woman is fired for being pregnant.According to a general survey, around 54,000 women in the UK lose their jobs annually after having a child.

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Shocked by pregnancy discrimination, Brearly took action.On the International Women's Day in March 2015, Brearly launched Pregnant Then Screwed, a website dedicated to creating awareness on the issues related to pregnancy and for women in the U.K. to openly share their stories with pregnancy discrimination.


Many women on her website (, shared their stories."The worst affected are those who face a slow drip feed of bullying and torment, which leads to them leaving of their own free will, as they can't cope with the stress," Brearly said to The Telegraph. "Then there's those who are simply ignored.Well she is an inspiration who raised her voice against such discrimination, helping other women to make their point & existence in society.

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