Siberian Husky Saved After Loving Owner Leaves A Desperate Plea On TikTok

By Samantha in Feel Good Published On 6th August 2023

A Siberian husky called Rex underwent an amazing transformation after a huge tumor was removed after a plea on TikTok went viral from his owner. 

The six-year-old dog was suffering from a tumor on his snout so big that it stopped him from seeing and breathing easily, with nobody wanting to operate on it.



Rex's owner, Damián, talked to many vets in the province of Cádiz, in southwestern Spain, where he lives, hoping that someone would treat him.

But the heartbroken owner was told that this type of tumor could not be operated and vets gave an answer to Damián that Rex does not have much time to live.

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In a desperate bid to save his life, Damián posted a video to TikTok with the aim of finding a vet in Spain who could treat it. 

The director of an animal sanctuary who came across the video told the owner to get in touch with the Faunivet Veterinary Clinic in Vinarós—around 560 miles away by car.


The fast-growing tumour was a fibrosarcoma, a cancer derived from fibrous connective tissue.

In dogs, this cancer occurs most commonly around the mouth area. 

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'Rex is a male Husky dog that we heard about through the director of an animal sanctuary,' vets Francisco Serrano and Nacho Martín-Macho with Faunivet told Newsweek last week.

'This woman showed us some photos with images of Rex's head, and the large tumours on his face, to ask us if we could do something for him.'

The Faunivet team told Damián that they thought the tumour could feasibly be operated on, so the owner made the long journey over to the clinic.

'No clinic they had previously consulted with gave him any chance, and the only remedy they gave him was euthanasia,' Martín-Macho and Serrano said.


The Faunivet team examined the dog and decided that the operation could go ahead.

'Rex at that time was already suffering from respiratory problems, difficulty eating, and extensive infection in the area due to ulceration of the tumor,' the vets said.

'The type of tumor is a fast-growing fibrosarcoma, with a low possibility of metastasis, but a high possibility of local recurrence.'

The complex operation lasted more than three hours but thankfully no significant complications arose.

'It was possible to remove the tumor, and then [conduct] a complicated facial reconstruction with success,' Martín-Macho and Serrano said.


Since the operation, Rex has been well on the road to recovery, according to the vets.

The dog is recovering well and is also gaining back his strength and weight. A vet in Cádiz is also seeing him for periodic check-ups.

The team are pleased that the surgery was a success and that Rex can live a normal life again.

If the tumor does return, the vets said that it could be controlled before it becomes as big as it was, as long as he receives the treatment in good time.


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