Signs Which Show That Your Partner Is 'The One' Sent By God For You

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Life Style On 15th June 2018

How do you know if he’s or she's the one? The quest to find our one true "person" is always on the forefront of our minds. Here are some simple Signs that will allow you to gain more insight.


Your partner is your best friend

Being best friends with the person you’re dating is one of the best signs of a long-lasting relationship. Calling someone your partner sounds wonderful, but it becomes even more enjoyable when that person is also your best friend. A solid relationship is built on so many things and a friendship should be one of them. You are most excited to share a story with, a moment in time or even the most intimate things to girlfriend/boyfriend and still feel safe.

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Makes you feel empowered

Our relationships define our entire lives. This is not because we cannot think independently or because we lack a sense of self. It is because relationships with others either fuel the fire of our success or drain us of the will to achieve more. Relationships work the best when partners express a positive and upbeat attitude towards each other. See each other in their greatness and be positive.


Responsive listener

People want both: to be understood and acknowledged on the one hand and to be approved and agreed with, on the other. Responsive listening is saying what you feel you heard the person say. Listening is the other half of the communication equation. We speak while others listen, and we listen while others speak.


Little things matter

People who do pay attention to details, however, are the ones who you can trust to stand by your side and weather the storm. These are the types of people who understand that the small things count the most because those are the things you do for someone simply because you love them, with no special occasion required. We, as humans, want to feel cared about, thought of, and like we matter to others in this world. So when another person takes the time to do a little thing, this sends a beautiful message of being seen, of mattering, and being cared for. Who doesn’t want to feel these things!

Honors and respects you

To have a great relationship, there needs to be a high level of respect on the part of both partners. A partner who respects you values you for you, as a full-fledged, thinking person. Someone who respects you will take joy in your independence and honor your boundaries.

Makes sacrifices

Love is full of compromises and sacrifices. All relationships require making sacrifices. To sacrifice is to give up something precious in order to gain or maintain something, such as a valuable relationship or some other worthy cause. When you're seriously dating someone, you will inevitably need to make some sacrifices for them. This means sometimes doing things you don't exactly want to do that you know will make your partner happy.

Your happiness means his happiness.

One can only find happiness through love. Happiness in relationships thrives when it involves people that already feel whole, secure and happy. These people do not depend on a relationship to give them anything. All of their relationships then reflect the wholeness of what they are. If he’s unhappy, you’re unhappy. If you’re unhappy, he's unhappy. You two are attached by the soul, so whatever you feel, he feels.

Forgives you.

Forgiveness an important part of all relationships. Learning to forgive and asking for forgiveness helps keep relationships healthy by allowing them to heal and grow. Forgiveness is a process to help people release pain and anger, and feel stronger and less vulnerable to others. Forgiveness is for our own growth and happiness. Forgiveness allows us to move on without anger or contempt or seeking revenge. Scientists who study forgiveness have long agreed that it is one of the most important contributors to a healthy relationship. Studies have shown that couples who practice forgiveness are more likely to enjoy longer, more satisfying romantic relationships.