Silly Pictures Of People Having Fun With Statues

Posted by Editorial Staff in Funny On 8th June 2017

Statues and icons are assigned to someone or something important in our society. Because of their significance and high cost, people treat statues like precious cargo. This means the comedy behind statues is often missed because we are so busy looking at them in a serious light.But these people didn't just see them as statues, that's why they grab the opportunity to pose with these still figures in a hilarious way possible.


#1 Grapes straight off the vine?

Well, if she has to offer like that, don’t mind if I do!


#2 Who's Who?

For a moment this image made me think who's the statue. Well, Spiderman is real. Even Spiderman is helpless with this statue.


#3 Naughty statue

This statue gets pretty fresh. Trying to grab her ass.


#4 Spanking?

Someone’s being punished for messing with statues. Lol

#5 Beauty and the bear?

No, The story seems quite decent. This girl probably saw the statue and thought that this is an awesome picture opportunity and it turned out great.


#6 Hold me closer little dancer

A statue never looked so cute!


#7 Cool Inside

It looks so unpleasant as his friends will never let him forget that he stuck his head in the butt of a statue.


#8 High-five

No one could ever get the most famous high-five as this guy has got.


#9 Angry statue

It was better to stay away from that statue. It is known for pulling hairs.


#10 Back off my way kid!

His expressions are a pure classic. It looks like he is really hurt.


#11 The laughing statues

Keep the awkwardness aside for a moment and think what make this idea so good. of course, it looks like the statues are laughing with them.

#12 Did Beyoncé steal this move from the statue?

This image is hilarious! We love how perfectly these ladies are doing the signature Beyoncé move.


#13 Just one kiss

There are some really odd people in the world.

#14 Got anything to say?

This man has messed with the wrong statue.

#15 Cheers!

A good way to celebrate.


#16 Love at first sight

They started dating shortly after their first meeting.

#17 Statues must have a warning sign.

Never mess with a statue twice your size.

#18 Selfie lover

This statue’s hands were built especially for holding a smartphone.


#19 Keep the secret

She has mastered the art of the statue selfie.

#20 Hi-five again

It looks like the statue of a soldier is standing here just to receive high-fives.

#21 Let's play some cards

This is what happens when your game doesn't end.


#22 Poor girl

It looks like the aftermath of divorce.

#23 Oopss

Although this girl's facial expression isn't clear as it doesn’t show the disgust and anger you’d expect for this kinda situation but a good try.

#24 Woah woah

It seems like she is enjoying it.


#25 Save me!! He has grabbed my hand.

This is so brilliant. I am even surprised that there was much space left to put a hand inside the sculpture's mouth or he tried to feed him something and his hand got stuck?

#26 I'm sorry honey!

He probably forgot that she has a heart of stone.

#27 Take it, man!

I hope no one is watching your sneaky business.


#28 Back off kid!!

He is just mine.

#29 Real life nutcrackers

Can someone call 911? This guy is in extreme pain and needs help. While we know that this guy’s pain is fake, Just imagine if his pain was real.

#30 We all fall down

Are they playing or someone has been dragged away?

We don't know where these people got their amazing ideas, but we hope all of these images have made you laugh super hard.