Simple Way To Check How Strong Is Your Heart

Posted by Muk Khatri in Health and Fitness On 19th August 2018

Want to know about your heart health? Then, here is a simple way. Just take a notebook and stopwatch with you and follow these steps:


#1 Check your pulse for 1 minute while sitting down

Take a note book and write down pulse figure such as 76

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#2 Perform squats for 45 seconds

After squats, check your pulse for one minute while standing up and write down figure such as 120


#3 Rest 1 minute

After a minute of rest, check your pulse while sitting down and write down the figure such as 100


#4 Sum up the result

Add three figures together like


Now subtract answer from 200


Now divide by 10


If your answer in between 1-5 you have an excellent heart health

If your answer in between 6-10 then result is good

If your answer in between 11-15 then you have mild heart defect

If your answer is greater than 15 then you have serious heart defect