Sirius The Happy Cat With A Perpetual Smile On His Face

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 1st October 2015

#1 This cat is so happy that he has a permanent smile on his face. Meet Sirius the happy tuxedo cat who is on a mission to bring back Pawsitivity!

If Grumpy cat has a friend with a completely different outlook on life, it has to be Sirius the Happy Cat!

"Sirius came into our life as a 10 month old kitten with a perpetual smile on his face. His smile makes us smile everyday and wanted to share that with the world. This world doesn't have enough positivity, so we bring you Happy CAT!"

#2 Time for pawsitivity! Bring on Happy Cat!

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#4 Sirius is so happy, even his ears smile!

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#5 The purry counter top loaf.

#6 A smile is always in style!

#8 “I know he’s behind me….”

#9 Can’t imagine any snazzier!

#10 Life is good. Why so Sirius?

#11 Be sure to smile and make someone’s day!