Sisters Mercilessly Burn A Five-Year-Old Girl In A Voodoo Ritual While Attempting To Rid Her Of A Demon

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 4th February 2018

This world is certainly full of all sorts of people, there are those who perform crimes at different levels and then there are those who perform evil acts in the name of religion and are crazy enough to justify their actions without any remorse. Just like these two sisters who ruthlessly burned a five-year-old child in an attempt to free her from an "evil spirit."

#1 Crazy Women Burned The Girl Mercilessly And Pricked Her Body With Sharp Object

Two crazy sisters, East Bridgewater reportedly tied and ruthlessly burned a five-year-old girl permanently disfiguring the poor child. Police report the women were attempting to rid the child of a demon that was causing her to misbehave. The crazy women also threatened to cut the girl's 8-year-old brothers head with a machete.


#2 Torturing The Child

Peggy LaBossiere, 51, and Rachel Hilaire, 40, denied any charges against them and even threatened to hurt the boy. The boy told the authorities that the crazy ladies tied his sister on two occasions and blew fire on her face on both the occasions. They even cut pinned her on collar area and on arms with a sharp object.

They further tortured the child by pouring a liquid substance in her eyes which the girl claims stung badly.

#3 Kids Mom Receiving Mental Health Treatment

The children mother is a hairstylist and the crazy sisters were her clients. It was at the mother's request that the ritual was performed. Though the mom has not been arrested, she is receiving mental health treatment.

They will attend the hearing at Brockton Superior Court on Wednesday where it will be determined whether they should be released or they are too dangerous for the society.


#4 Confessing To Their Evil Crimes Without Any Remorse

Upon investigation, the women told Police that they have performed “cleansing baths” for family and friends in the past, something that involves chanting prayers, rubbing frankincense and eucalyptus oils and sea salt on their bodies, and burning myrrh, the newspaper reported. Crazy enough, they even confessed without remorse that children sometimes get burned as spirits leave the body.

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