Sitting On The Toilet For Too Long Can Cause A Prolapsed Anus, According To The New Study

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Health and Fitness

Here is why you should never spend a long time on the toilet.


Time spent on the toilet

According to new study average men spent 95 minutes on the toilet each week. 90% of people bring their phones into the bathroom.


Using Phone in the bathroom make you sick

Using Phone in the bathroom put our health and our brains at risk in multiple ways.


Stressed and anxious

A professor at Baylor University, Dr. James Roberts said:

"Our devices have certainly changed how we spend our time in the bathroom. When we take our phones away, we get stressed and anxious, and irritable. We get FOMO. Nowadays, people have trouble being alone with their thoughts, because they usually don't have to."


Mobile phones carry more germs than a toilet.

According to WebMD:

"These bacteria include salmonella, E.coli, Shigella, and Campylobacter, all of which can make you very sick."

Keep your toilet time less

Nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh, Gregory Thorkelson said:

"Pooping shouldn’t be a drawn-out process. You’re better off keeping your toilet time to less than 10 to 15 minutes"


Pressure on the veins

Dr. Marc Leavey, Primary care physician explained:

"Sitting on the toilet puts excessive pressure on the veins in the rectum, especially if you strain to produce a bowel movement."



He added:

"Prolonged pressure on those veins produces hemorrhoids, a swelling of the rectal veins that can ultimately lead to bleeding and possibly even rectal prolapse [that is, when the rectum telescopes out through the anus]."


Rectal prolapse

A general surgeon from Bupa UK, Dr. Eleanor Atkins said:

Sitting on the toilet puts lots of pressure on your pelvic floor, especially if you strain to produce a bowel movement. This can lead to weakness in the pelvic floor muscles and eventually there is a risk of a rectal prolapse. Pressure damage is also a concern, especially if you're immobile or elderly.


Chinese man's rectum fell out of his body

A man in Southeast China rectum fell out of his body after spending more than 30 minutes. Dr. Su Dan, who works in gastrointestinal surgery at The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University told local media the man was diagnosed with a rectal prolapse, which happens when the lining of the rectum slides out of place and ends up outside the body.


Bruises and blood spots

The examining doctor found a massive lump – measuring 16 centimeters (16.3 inches) long – sticking out of his anus. Medical scans show a 'ball-shaped' bulge emerging from the anus, as well as bruises and blood spots along the patient’s intestinal wall.