Skydiver's Haunting Final Words As He Realized He Forgot To Put On His Parachute After Jumping

By Harsh Rana in Heartbreaking On 21st June 2024

Ivan Lester McGuire, despite being a trained skydiver, jumped to his death after leaving the plane without a parachute.

Skydiving has been a popular past time for thrill seekers for decades and is likely a riveting experience. 

As for me, I doubt I'll ever find out firsthand because... well, I won't leap from a plane unless absolutely necessary.

But for those who crave thrills, you can jump to your heart's content; nevertheless, it comes with inherent risks.

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When you're jumping, the key gear you need is your parachute.

But there was this one time in the 1980s when a guy forgot his, and it ended tragically.

The moment Ivan leaped out of the plane X / @Morbidful

In April 1988, Ivan Lester McGuire was filming a parachuting lesson at 10,500 feet in the air, with a student and an instructor from the Franklin County Sport Parachute Center in North Carolina.

There's haunting video footage that's gone viral on social media, showing McGuire's final moments before he died.

In the video, McGuire can be seen jumping out of the plane ahead of the student, aiming to capture the student's jump on film.

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He was seemingly unaware that he had forgotten his parachute.

Then, a moment of crushing realization dawns on him as he comprehends that he is plunging towards the Earth without any means to halt his descent.

Adding to the tragedy, McGuire's final words were caught on tape, heard clearly as he uttered, "Oh my God, no".

The incident was quite shocking because McGuire was known as an experienced skydiver with over 800 jumps under his belt.

Ivan's last words were caught on camera X / @Morbidful

Officials thought maybe he was just tired or not fully focused on that particular jump.

FAA inspector Walter Rigsbee commented back then: 'We haven’t gotten all the facts yet."

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"But there is a regulation, No. 105, that states that the pilot must check - well, no one may jump unless the pilot checks the parachutes.”

At the time, Nancy Fayard, the wife of parachute center owner Paul Fayard, told AP: “No one was aware that he got on the plane without a parachute."

"Of course no one knew or they would have stopped him."

Even the pilot, Mark Luman, got questioned during the investigation, but they quickly ruled out suicide.

They figured McGuire just forgot his parachute, so they chalked up his death as accidental.

McGuire passed away at 35, and they found his body about a mile from where the plane had taken off.